Jiddu Krishnamurti; The Voice of Reason and Love Options
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Long live the world in peace, prosperity, and freedom from suffering

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As a service to all people, I recommend all peacefuly listen to the words of this, the greatest of teachers, and find refuge in his love and concern for us. It is he who taught me meditation and love and started me on this path--out of luck since I bought the book just for its cover and title--and I always return to him; with his words alive no lonley person is alone in the world, no confused person can remain confused.

George Bernard Shaw called Krishnamurti "a religious figure of the greatest distinction," and added, "He is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen."

Henry Miller wrote, "There is no man I would consider it a greater privilege to meet …"

Aldous Huxley, after attending one of Krishnamurti's lectures, confided in a letter, "… the most impressive thing I have listened to. It was like listening to the discourse of the Buddha β€” such power, such intrinsic authority … "

Kahlil Gibran wrote, "When he entered my room I said to myself, 'Surely the Lord of Love has come."

🌺🌹🌺 Long live the teachers of love and truth, eternally liberating us of suffering ! 🌺🌹🌺
Todo lo que quiero es que me recuerdes siempre así...amándote. Mantay kuna kayadidididi~~Ayahuasca shamudididi. Silence β—‹ Shiva β—‡ eternal Purusha.
What we have done is establish the rule of authority in silence. Silence is the administrator of the universe. In silence is the script of Natural Law, eternally guiding the destiny of everyone. The Joy of Giving β™‘See the job. Do the job. Stay out of the misery.β™‘
May this world be established with a sense of well-being and happiness. May all beings in all worlds be blessed with peace, contentment, and freedom.
This mass of stress visible in the here & now has sensuality for its reason, sensuality for its source, sensuality for its cause, the reason being simply sensuality.

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