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How much dry caapi or tea would you guys reccomend ingesting before blastoff??

Im super scared but i feel like if i keep obsessing about dmt and being too scared to try again, I will never get the message... its like i know what i need to do in this world i just cant make myself do it. Im just hoping something in these upcoming trips helps me get my act together idk, its like just the simple things, not being so lazy, etc but anyway...

I plan to make changa with the caapi aswell, maybe get diff color caapi? thanks for any info, I feel like i needa just get this off my chest and whatever happens, happens lol ive been playing cat and mouse with dmt over the last 5 years, just teasing hyperspace Laughing doing low dose trips ruining my deems losing it etc. just thinking im slowly becoming a sheep and this might help me "wake up" in a sense yaknow. still never broken through before and am a very cowardly person but wish me luck and thanks for any advice Thumbs up

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I wouldn't recommend ingesting any dry caapi. Dosage recommendations for caapi tea already exist on the forum. Have a look for them.
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