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I apologize if this is not the correct sub-forum to post this, but I've been drawn to the great hub of knowledge along with all of the insightful people that gather amongst this site. That being said I've had 4 experiences with the beautiful spice. Note that when I use the term entity, that's the most transparent word I can use to describe "them" in my experience. Purely an extrapolation for sake of this entry.

(Approx. 17 y/o) My first experience was an ego fueled chase to reach the psychedelic states that McKenna spoke about in his time. Not to say I believe he had done wrong by talking about his experiences with such excitement, just that I did not control my excitement and I let my ego take the irrational immature thoughts and run. At that age for some, those thoughts can be harmless, but I was very destructive to myself and others, which I will touch on. I achieved some spice with a friend and shared it amongst each other along with our friends. I THINK, that I was hyper-slapped, I saw the geometry then as quick as I went in, I was shot back out and was bugged. I thought, at the time, that I scared myself out of the trip because I thought I stopped breathing. I further have evolved my idea in that, I just wasn't ready to experience what it had to offer. I came out to of it to a very visually trippy atmosphere, my friends heads were all glowing blue, and I sat on the carpet letting it wear off, brushing my hands along the fuzz on the ground, it felt like grass, it was odd, but exciting. My friends all said they enjoyed their experience, and we didn't delve too much further than that. Within the following months my chase for different drug experiences eventually landed me with an interest in heroin, which hurt the he'll out of my family. I am 2 years clean from it, but it is what it is.

(I'm now 22 y/o) My second third and fourth have all transpired within the last month, and believe you me, it has helped me shed so much paranoia and anxieties already. The second experience, I had wanted to dab it, thinking this would be the easiest, given what we (my gf and I) had. I did so with a good 35-40mg, hit it a bit hot, but not too bad. I started going into it pretty quick. This stitch pattern appeared all of over the room, it was mended to my body, then two entities came from behind on both sides of my girlfriend, and started working on me. As I would close my eyes I'd see geometry, but I was more focused on if I was being cut open. Was a very interesting experience. I had the phrase "I don't need this anymore" and I can only amount that to my ego..I don't need my ego. Obviously, we all keep them and all, but it's really helped me recently keep my own in check more OVER attempting to try and keep others in check. Not to say it's turned me into this perfect human, but it's just knocked over this house of cards I built of rage and anger. Regardless, I've come to understand that somethings just need an enjoyment, not an explanation.

The third time, my gf was wanting to do it, it had been a few days after my second experience (her first). Over the couple days I was focused on the fact that I didn't feel I broke through, I wanted go out of body fully and my fear was really manifesting over it. Like I thought the ringing was going to eventually blow my brain up haha. Very irrational paranoia. After she did some and came back, she caught me of guard, loaded it up and had it ready for me bedore I noticed. This helped me from thinking too much. I kept thinking, "My gf is here for me, and she's helping me do something I want to experience, I'll be okay". I had dabbed it again, (Approx. 40 mg, though a bit cooler this go) this time I saw the geometrical portal, with two entities peaking over both corners, watching me. The geometry was shifting and changing every millionth of a second, but it like implanted the memory of the profoundness of each portrait, and when my mind would capture it, the wonder and creativity that blew my mind in the next image would blow the previous out of the water in many other categories, it made me think of the way that Mandelbrots work, not look, but their movements(I'm sorry if that is just gibberish and doesn't make sense..but that's the best I could explain). The entities would smile the more I look on, and get closer up in my face when I'd think to hard about what I was seeing. Before I knew it, the entities, portal, and, to my recollection, chariots,? And horsemen riding off away, simultaneousmy I felt angelic wings bruahing my face. The wings were shushing me, or the angel was, and I just could'nt see her this time. Afterwards, I came out of it much quicker than the previous session. I kept whooshing through these big open spaces, coming down from my second session.

My fourth experience was very spontaneous for my gf and I, both. I got a message at 1230 at night from a good friend. He was trying to score some self-destructive substances that he knew I had relation with in the past. Without even pondering the thought, I figured out where he was and brought my gf, all my spice, and some cannabis oil, in case the other 2 friends weren't interested in partaking. One fellow who I went to high school with but didn't know too well (about 2000 kids total in our 4-year) was there and had only used cannabis, alcohol, dxm (via cough suppressants only) and maybe harder stuff. Nothing too psychedelic. The other was a good friend of mine, though we haven't spoken too much often. So three friends, plus my gf and I. The original friend looking to score went first, seemed to really enjoy it, he had drank a little (I looked online and showed him multiple things about mixing spice and alcohol and he still wanted to go). My gf went afterwards and I could tell she really enjoyed it, by all of her giggling over the beauty, and knowledge she was receiving. The friend who hadn't experienced really any psychedelics. It was really cool, I didn't know him too much, but I could read how much he enjoyed it. My other friend tried it, and after wards (which was a bit longer than the rest of us) told us he was on a hit of LSD. It was a really cool time. Everyone came out of it smiling, with such a great look in their eyes. It was finally my turn because the original friend went in again when we started up an hour later, came back and told me, "they're looking for you man". So this time I loaded about 60-80 mg (I eye-balled it, I know.....), my gf helped me transport. Upon inhaling the second hit, the drops of water on the inside of the water pipe along with the smoke turned into the self-creating lines on the old Windows 2000 screensavers. Sorry if that's an inaccurate description. SHE said I hit it 3 times, and she was sure of it, I was so far gome by third hit, that I remember none of the third hit. I was submerged in this orange/red to orange to yellow to light colored room, respectively furtherest to closest. I still don't know fully remember what I saw this time, it was like a jacked up version of the last geometrical experience I had. Like there were exponentially more pivotal points, where gizmos were working. I remember at one point the entities acknowledged my friends in the room and I put my hand on what I thought was my buddies arm, but ended up being his leg and told him I loved him. We're all clear on our sexualities, everyone just thought it was funny, but he appreciated the love. The entities then showed me my other buddy, who was left a good year ago by his gf and got on the amphetamine train, it showed him in a deep sorrow and I then told him I loved him, too. Man was this a wonderful feeling. I guess, I caught him of guard, and it made him get teary eyed, my gf was telling me on the way home. I did this all with my eyes closed so there was a lot of successful feelings and CEV's, he eventually asked if there was room for him to come sit on the bed we were blasting off on with my original friend and I, we definitely connected a lot! Back to the experience though, It was so intense that I remember opening my eyes and still seeing what I saw with my eyes closed, but with people spotted around the vision (most likely my friends) the whooshing of moving foward along with the ever-changing works of what I was being shown, really added another cool variable to the experience. I started coming to, but this experience was very intense, the most I could amount it to is that I was having trouble coming back to reality. The burnt plastic taste caused me to spit in my hand, then I began thinking I was covered in spit and that I was being born, very bizarre experience. My friend that was looking to score consoled with me after my gf, saying, "we're family bro, you got this" it really helped me ease my mind. It was so cool being in such a loving and open atmoshpere. The amount of mental relief I could sense in the room was great. My favorite part was that they expected me to charge them, and it makes it such a more positive experience, when you can embrace your true intentions.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read.

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