Anyone here like stargazing & astronomy - maybe with binoculars or telescopes? Options
#21 Posted : 12/22/2020 1:43:31 PM

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As you say, both planets in the frame is a delight.

With our optics, 3 and 4 moons of Jupiter are clearly spotted.

And the "flattened" look of Saturn, I wish our optics would show the rings better, but it still is a thrill.

The show is not over yet, at least tonight and maybe more they'll still be close, so maybe your clouds will clear.

With last night's moon so big, I put the camera on it, this photo is almost interesting, for having done it myself...
Sunnyside attached the following image(s):
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Thanks guys, I did not see the moons on my phone picture originally.

When looking through the telescope directly the ring of saturn and moons are clearly visible. I need to get the proper telescope camera installed.
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Loveall wrote:
Yeah, I watched it on my telescope with the kids. It was pretty cool, never seen two planets in the field of view together, sounds like it won't happen again for several lifetimes.

Managed to get an out of focus picture of on my phone, sorry for the poor quality πŸ™ƒ

I would have loved to have seen this. Somewhat frustratingly, the weather turned atrocious just in time to spoil my view of the superconjunction. Thankfully a Nexian comrade has come up with the astronomical goods! That's a pretty good effort you made there.
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