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Direct e-mesh method howto step by step with images and video Options
#1 Posted : 11/27/2019 6:15:57 PM

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Disclaimer: This guide is meant to educate and inform this community about the direct e-mesh administration method for vaping DMT as smooth, safe and effective as possible. Any forum member that disagree's with any info in this guide please post your concern so that this guide can be updated. Any info that needs to be added please post a reply so this guide can stay properly informative.

Chart for common dose sizes wrote:
Threshold: 5-10mg (none to very slight CEV's & OEV's psychedelic thought patterns)
Low: 10-15mg (none to slight CEV's and very slight OEV's possible)
Common: 15-30mg (Most common Breakthrough range)
High: 30-45mg (Pretty insane, can be very difficult to handle for some)
Overkill: 45mg and up (Not Recommended, most who vape this properly NEVER do it again)
Get a good Scale

Disclaimer and chart are borrowed form the DMT vaping thread, which contains important information about dosage. Know your dosage! You can read the thread here: https://www.dmt-nexus.me...42&f=44&q=364119

The direct e-mesh method for vaping spice, is in my humble opinion the safest and most effective way to enter hyperspace in one hit. No need for a second hit, as you can empty a breakthrough dose in about 5 seconds. It delivers smooth vapor, and no burned taste or smell with the correct temperature settings. With the e-mesh method you can breakthrough every time with a minimal use of spice. I haven’t used the GVG since April, as I find this method of administration more effective and safer if you travel without a sitter. (No torch lighter)
This tek is inspired by the initial mesh thread by Aum Shanti, which uses a more advanced setup.
You can read Aum Shanti’s posts here:

The e-mesh method has a long thread discussing details here : https://www.dmt-nexus.me...spx?g=posts&t=87004.

Some One's e-mesh howto:

Thanks to all the good people who have participated to develop the e-mesh method, giving advice and feedback to the original thread. Special thanks to Aum Shanti & Some One.
This method is perfect for those who want a one hit breakthrough. I would advice to use a scale measuring your amount of spice, because if you do a bit too much, it will hit hard. Personally I am gone for 5-9 minutes on 25mg, so thread carefully and scale your dose.

1. Equipment needed:
1. An e-cigarette battery mod with temperature for SS (stainless steel) and manual TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, see https://vaping360.com/learn/temperature-control/ for more info). Vaporesso and Geekvape are recommended quality brands with good temp control.
2. An e-cigarette mesh RDA – Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer https://www.wish.com/search/mesh%20rda
The vandyvape mesh has a bit wider post holes for the mesh, so you can get a bigger mesh piece inside. The first vandy vape mesh rda is a bit hard to find these days, so the V2 might be the best option. You can still find cheap clones on Wish, which will do the job.
If you want quality, order the V2 from a vape shop.
3. Mesh SS sheet or roll. I find the 100 microns size perfect (sheet). The vandy vape SS 150 rolls are also good.
4. Rechargeable battery of good quality, if needed in the mod. Some mods have built-in batteries, others use an external battery.
5. Battery charger if necessary.
6. A longer drip tip to avoid burning lips and hot vapor is better, but not a must. https://www.google.com/search?q=810+long+drip+tip

I recommend the Geekvape M100 mod, which I use myself. A robust and lightweight mod with very good temp control. This one has a built inn battery, so no external battery needed. You can buy or order this from any proper vape shop.
Mesh sheets are cheap on ebay. With a fitted sheet you will get more surface, and I find it is easier to load the spice with this than the roll sheets without spilling.

2. Fitting and mounting the mesh.

These parameters are suited for the vandy vape mesh rda v1. If you have an other rda than this one, you might need to adjust the mesh size to fit your RDA.

Mesh Roll:
If you choose to use the vandy vape mesh roll, the mounting is pretty straight forward.
1. Cut a piece of the roll 4cm long.
2. You want to bend the mesh so it fits the post and to get a surface area as big as possible for the spice.
3. Bend it in a mushroom form, so the flat surface on top are made wider, as wide as round you can get it, without the mesh touching the top cap or the base.
4. No hard bends, try to curve the mesh bends, see image.
5. Open the post holes with the screwdriver and insert the mesh ends and fasten tight.
6. When you mount the mesh RDA on the mod, the ohm/resistance should read between 0,20-0,30 on the mod’s display with a 4cm long mesh strip from the vandy vape SS 150 roll.
7. Max wattage should be set to 35w or higher.

The loading of spice is a lot more tricky with this setup, as the mesh is thin and flumsy. The fitted mesh is so much more practical to use when loading spice. See next chapter.

Fitted mesh:
The better alternative is the fitted mesh. Thicker, rigid , more surface and ‘fences’ makes it a lot more easier to load spice without spilling.
1. Use scissors and cut a sheet about 2.5cm wide and 4cm long. Trim some of the ends sides, so they fit into the post holes.
2. Use the scissors and form the mesh so it looks like the cross on the image. The wide part off the mesh should fit the cap. 'About 1.4 - 1.5 cm long
3. Bend the sides int he cross upwards as fences, to better keep the spice in the middle when loading. Then bend the ends to fit into the post holes.
4. Fasten the legs in the holes, and check that the mounted mesh fits into the top cap, without touching it or the rda base.
5. The mesh should only be in contact with the post holes and nothing else. Form the mesh, and cut the legs so the mesh fits inside the top cap without touching it.

The mesh sheet I got is SS304, not SS316 as the mesh rolls. SS304 has a higher TCR than SS316, so it is better to use the TCR mode, and set TCR to 130-180. Start at 130 and work your way up if you don't get enough heat. Resistance should be around 0,10-0,20 ohm. With lower resistance and more metal, the max wattage must be a lot higher than the roll mesh strips. I set mine at max 60w.

When you are done setting up the mesh, set the temperature to 240-250C and pulse the fire button holding 1-2 seconds. The mesh should glow evenly without hotspots. Heat it up a few times to be sure that eventual residue are burnt away.

NB! It is very important that the mesh is NOT touching the top cap or bottom, except the post holes!

Image: The mesh roll and fitted mesh setups side by side glowing away any residue. As you can see the fitted mesh has about 50% more surface and coarser mesh.

3. Finding the correct Mod settings – TCR, max temperature and max wattage.

I will use the geekvape aegis solo settings as an example. If you have another mod, adjust it to the same settings.
For the mesh roll mesh, you can use the standard SS temperature mode. Set the initial settings to:

1. Mount the mesh RDA on the mod, check resistance.
2. Set the aegis/mod in wattage mode and set to 13-14w.
3. Remove the RDA top cap and bring the mod and RDA to a dark room.
4. When you press the fire button, the mesh should glow faintly red or dark orange in a dark room.
5. Adjust the wattage up or down until the mesh glows faintly red. This is the wattage you should aim for in temperature mode when firing. See line 11.
6. Enter Temperature mode SS or TCR on the mod.
7. Mesh Roll: Max wattage 35w, SS mode
8. Fitted mesh: Max wattage 60w, TCR mode - set TCR to 130-190.
9. Lock the resistance/ohm when the mesh is at room temperature.
10. Set the temperature to 200C
11. Push the fire button. Adjust temperature up and down until the wattage stabilises at the value found in line 5.

Since each setup is different, you might need to experiment with the temperature and if necessary the TCR to find the optimal settings. Normally somewhere between the 190-210C range should be optimal.


If you can’t get the temp settings to work properly, you can try wattage mode at 15-20w, depending of how hard you draw and the airflow. But temp control is better if you find the correct configuration. In temp mode, the temperature is constant while the wattage varies with the airflow and inhalation method. With more air cooling the mesh when inhaling, the higher wattage will be delivered in order to hold the temperature level.

4. Getting ready for hyperspace
For me, a treshold doses would be around 5-10mg, visuals at 10-15mg, hyperspace 20-30mg. Never done more than 30 with this method, and I don't see the need too. NB! Please DO NOT load 50+mg if you are used to smoke spice. This method is a lot more effective, and 50mg is a heroic dose. There is no looking back with the e-mesh so travel safe, start low and increase step by step.

For a full breakthrough dose, weigh up 20-35mg (Start with 20mg) and carefully spread it on the mesh surface , without touching the mesh. For easy transfer of DMT to mesh, I use the half of a capsule, whick is also convenient when you weigh the dose onthe scale. If you touch the mesh with your tool, spice will be spilled, so be careful. A dab tool is perfect for this job. Some people find it easier to load the spice and melt it in in 3 turns (Vandy vape mesh roll strips.)
When the spice are evenly spread on the mesh, set the temp to 140-150C and do some fast clicks on the fire button to melt the spice onto the mesh. You don’t want to inhale crystals!
When done, set the temperature to the correct value as found in chapter 3. (Faint red glow in a dark room)
Adjust the RDA airflow to be half open. The airflow holes should be placed so they are on line with the mesh posts/legs on both sides.
Mount the top cap, and you are ready to go.

When ready, hold the fire button and start inhaling as long as you can. Remember to hold the mod/rda vertically when vaping so the melted spice stays on the mesh until emptied. You should empty the whole dose in one hit. Hold breath for at least 20 seconds, longer if you can. A second hit shouldn’t be necessary, but if you suspect you didn’t get all in the first hit, take another.

(The wotofo profile with mesh roll strip, 30mg before and after melting of spice)

Vandyvape mesh, 25mg spice on fitted mesh, Before and after melting.

Here is a short video demonstrating 30mg vaporized in about 5 seconds on the fitted mesh:

5. Cleaning and maintenance

After you come back for landing, you should clean the mesh by holding the fire button to clear any leftovers or residue on the mesh. The mesh will last for many rounds of vaping and is cheap and easy to replace when needed.
Spice can be spilled into the RDA bottom. This should be easy to gather by holding the RDA upside down and scrape off the leftovers.
If you need to clean the RDA, just use plain water, or vinegar + water.

Safe travels 🖖

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
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#2 Posted : 11/27/2019 10:44:03 PM

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Propello, great write up!

I deleted my own thread and moved it into this post to keep the info together Smile

Mesh RDA atomizers (connectable to e-sig modboxes) originally used for dripping e-juice are one of the best methods to vape DMT. Advantages: no learning curve, one hit break through, very consistent, perfect vaporization, near tasteless, no dmt smell. The downside is you need some basic e-cigarette understanding, but this is quickly learned.

Aum_Shanti's original posts:

Propello's original post:

General discussion:
The direct e-mesh thread

- Mesh RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer)
- 75W (or higher) sub-ohm Modbox with TC (temp control)
- IMR 18650 2600 mAh 3.7 V battery (40 A max discharge)
- SS316 (or SS304) 100, 120 or (max) 150 micron mesh sheet
- optional: glass drip tip with a 510 or 810 connection (depending on the RDA)

Note: Don't use e-juice or cotton wicks as originally intended for e-juice mesh vaping.

A modbox with a good TC algorithm giving a stable temperature is a must. A poor TC modbox will pulse the temp up and down, raising and dropping it. It needs to stay constant. The Geek Vape Box Aegis Solo 100W modbx has excellent TC and is the preferred choice.

For the Mesh RDA the VandyVape, Vapefly and Wotofo are good brand options. You might not be able to find all of these easily anymore as mesh RDA's are disappearing from the market (insufficient demand from e-juice vapers). There are plenty of knock offs and cheap mesh RDA alternatives on the Chinese market which can be ordered from Aliexpress etc.

VandyVape sells 13mm wide mesh rolls, get the SS316L 0.9ohm/ft 150 version. Buying a 100 or 120 micron filter sheet is better. The thicker wires help vape the DMT faster and you can cut it wider so there is less spilling on your RDA while loading spice.

A drip tip lengthens the distance to the mesh, cooling the vapor.

Device settings:
- temperature control mode @ 190-210 °C
- manual TCR 090-110 with 35W limit for a 4cm long SS316 mesh
- manual TCR 090-110 with 60W limit for a 8cm long SS316 mesh
- manual TCR 140-160 with 60W limit for a 4cm long SS304 mesh
- manual TCR 140-160 with 60W limit for a 8cm long SS304 mesh

The 4cm lengths are for vertical loading, 8cm for horizontal with a custom steel extension.

If manual TCR is not available try the SS (stainless steel) preset. In this preset the TCR value is per-configured by the modbox manufacturer. You may need to adjust temp for compensation as the per-configured value varies per brand and device.

If you are not sure what temp settings to use, check that the mesh glows dimly red in a dark room, that's the correct temp you need. This glow test only works for 4cm long meshes, not 8cm long ones.

If your modbox doesn't have TC, or if TC works poorly (temp fluctuations) try direct Wattage mode at around 17-22W. For Wattage mode use inhalation speed to control the temp. If the vapor becomes too dense inhale faster to cool the air, or pulse the fire button.

Below is the reference data to check that your modbox displays the correct mesh resistance.
If the mesh resistance measurement by your modbox is wrong, the temperature will be wrong.

4cm long SS316 VanyVape mesh role (13 mm wide) SS316 150 mesh: 0.20-0.25 Ω
8cm long SS316 VanyVape mesh role (13 mm wide) SS316 150 mesh: 0.40-0.50 Ω
4cm long SS304 100 mesh: 0.10-0.20 Ω

- cut the bottom sides of the mesh wire to fit in the RDA holes
- burn the mesh coating clean prior use with a torch flame (or gas stove)
- install mesh in the RDA, set the correct settings (TCR and max W)
- check the resistance, if correct (see above) lock it at room temp
- fire at 275 °C for 10 sec to make sure the mesh is burned clean

- load the spice on the mesh, don't go over 30mg as this device is very efficient
- carefully pulse to melt it in (at lower temp eg. 100 °C)
- place the cap on the RDA and open the air holes 75-100%
- set the vape temp, press fire and inhale (strong enough, not too soft)
- you should get everything in within 10 sec
- hold your breath for as long as you can remember (hehe)

Instead of loading the full dose in one go, you can load 10mg, melt in and repeat. It takes some effort and care not to spill any DMT on the RDA. Preferably buy a 100 or 120 mesh screen and either cut it wide to load spice vertically, or cut it longer to load spice horizontally. For the last option you need to build a custom extension (see below) as the mesh wont fit in the RDA anymore.

Long mesh RDA upgrade:
For me a 8 cm long mesh (total length) inside a 7 cm long (could be shorter) and 22 mm OD (outer diameter) steel extension does the job. It fits inside the original VanyVape RDA casing (outer shell). I engraved a cut for an o-ring into it (using the one from the VV RDA kit) and made two air holes. I then taped the original VV RDA cap on top and placed an additional 510 glass drip tip on top of that for nice cool vapor. It works fine, but I'd prefer the steel to be glass for see-through, maybe a future upgrade.

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#3 Posted : 11/27/2019 11:16:39 PM

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Thanks mate. Let me know if there is anything wrong or forgotten.

I have linked your thread here, and in the first post in the long thread.
some one
#4 Posted : 11/28/2019 1:03:18 AM

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I moved my thread into this topic (post above).
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some one
#5 Posted : 11/28/2019 2:26:59 PM

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Some quotes of people's first e-mesh reactions from the main discussion post:

Aum_Shanti wrote:
Since I switched to direct e-mesh vaping, I never looked back again at all other teks I tried before. Basically for any substance.

Propello wrote:
Best i have tried so far, matches the vaporgenie.

mycowong wrote:
I'm pretty sure you can breakthrough with about 15-25mg in this thing. I use it on wattage mode at 45w. I usually heat It up to 50% then hit it near the end of the draw to get the most concentrated hit. Then I hold until I need another breath. Then break through lol every time.

enlightenedvoyager wrote:
Oh my! This thing is insanely effective Surprised The build was extremely easy so once I’d got a flat shelf for the molecule to sit I added 15mg ( tester dose ). I set temp control to 210 ( I tried 180 first but heat up was a little slow ) and 25w with air flow half open. Couple of clicks to melt the magick into the mesh. Cap back on n cleared it all easily with 1 draw. No taste, no smell. Held forever lol so minimal vapour on the exhale but more than normal at this low a dose using other devices. Pretty much instantly the room turns into fractals and I start to laugh at my dog who now has an Aztec type head Laughing Obviously no breakthrough at this dose but honestly, I’ve done many low ‘tester’ doses with new devices n this is the strongest 15mg yet. I can see 30mg being a 1 hit breakthrough for sure. It’s gonna be so easy to clear 30mg and more with this method as it’s like smoking air. Amazing! Thank you so much to aum_shanti for bringing this method to light and thank you for testing the method and for helping me out Thumbs up

I checked the mesh afterwards n it was totally clean. Like nothing had been on it. It also hasn’t made my new RDA smell which is pretty amazing as we all know how this stuff stinks up most devices.

I’ve just thrown out my Yocan and the machine will be no more. Can’t wait to try a breakthrough dose with this beast! More than happy!

Happy travels folks Big grin

enlightenedvoyager wrote:
30mg tested Friday Shocked Absolutely mind blowing! I’m still processing it all now ( trying not to forget it ). Full breakthrough into totally awe, beauty and love. I was being shown the workings of another dimension and the beauty of it was beyond what I can put into words. I came-to with my jaw on the floor with dribble down my chin ( very glamorous ) Laughing All I kept saying was ‘wow, yes, yes, wow, omg wow lol.

I can’t even remember going through the jester tunnel or waiting room. I cleared the 30mg in one hit n held it in that long I couldn’t remember blowing it back out n then within an instant I was there n it was just full of love and beauty. I didn’t even get the high pitched reality tearing apart sound. It was that quick. Instant breakthrough!

This method is genius Thumbs up I went for 220 temp n 30w this time n that’s what I’m gonna stick with, I reckon. I used a new mesh n I must admit I did struggle a little getting the whole 30mg onto it. What I did in the end was added half the 30mg, melted that n then added the other half n melted that. It worked a treat but I often did this when loading my machine.

This method is definitely on par with a dab rig with quartz banger but soooo much better as no glassware to break n no torch lighter to deal with when your reality is being ripped apart. Never used a gvg so can’t comment but this is my go-to method from now on Surprised

Mesh was totally clean again after use n still my rda doesn’t smell. Nice Thumbs up

Crispycat wrote:
ok geared up after reading your ideas, and got to say wow!
15mg white spice on a wotofo profile with vandy vape ss316l 400 mesh 43ohm/ft on a smoant naboo mod

before even exhaling the CEV start changing from moving geometric patterns into moving 2d creatures! alot like the dragon in this music video:
"Fever The Ghost - SOURCE"

thought it would be a lot milder as this stage has taken me 20 to 25 mg to get to previously with yocan evolve plus and green Buddha methods! im sure a little more on the mesh would of pulled me into that 3d tunnel which i would not of been prepared for Big grin

spices instantly vaporise with one touch of the fire pin at 120c/250f no burn no mess barely any taste just pure wow!Thumbs up

enlightenedvoyager wrote:
You’re gonna love it Big grin My VV mesh RDA is the best bit of kit I’ve bought, ever Laughing So easy to clear all in one hit too Thumbs up I use the same mesh. Works a treat!

some one wrote:
So, I just used the device. I aimed for a small test dose of around 20mg. Used 200c and 35w. Got all in within 10 seconds.

WOW! OMG! So easy. No taste. One hit. So strong for 20mg! Total awe. I'm trashing all my other devices. dmt-nexus, delete all smoking forums, we found the holy grail!
Big grin

Broccoli555 wrote:
Let me just start off by thanking everyone in this thread and forum for sharing the knowledge of this wonderful molecule and the easiest way to utilize it.

Took all in one 5 to 7 sec hit. Immediate body effects and about 5 sec I was off into another land. No burnt spice, mesh was clean. Smooth vapor, no harsh hit or throat burn. And no fiddling around with the fire button just inhale and fire.

From my limited use of different teks, the e-mesh method easily beats out the yocan Magento in every aspect of use except for set up process.

Thank you all again for sharing this wonderful method.

sbc1 wrote:
just tried 5mg to test the waters and it nearly blew my head off, wasn't expecting that off 5mg, could do with a bigger surface area than the vandy ss mesh, other than that its awesome

mattw1994 wrote:
Tried this method for the first time after receiving my drip tip. Put in about 33 mg and broke through and I didn't even finish it. This is my new favorite method because you only need 1 hit to blast off and it is so smooth.

Lindsay2260 wrote:
Wow. Just wow. 35W, 190°c - lift off. Thanks 🍺

(Voopoo drag 2 mini, 810 pyrex driptip, vandy vape rda, SS316L)

skoobysnax wrote:
Finally tested 20 mg just to see if my settings were good.

cleared quickly in one inhale. Not harsh but could maybe drop 5C and see if it is smoother. The Aegis is aa win. Leaves my eleaf Pico as a chargerLaughing
Thx everyone for the hand up! So amazing!

Teamleary wrote:
Just "woaw"!

I wasn't expecting such a blast. Crazy. Beautiful and unexpected sub-bt!

THANK YOU ALL! Especially Some One and Propello! It is the easiest way!
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#6 Posted : 11/28/2019 4:39:31 PM

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This ought to be stickied. Very impressed with the work you guys have put into the development of this roa. I admire your devotion.
olympus mon wrote:
You need to hit it with intention to get where you want to be!

"Good and evil lay side by side as electric love penetrates the sky..." -Hendrix

"We have arrived at truth, and now we find truth is a mystery- a play of joy, creation, and energy. This is source. This is the mystic touchstone that heals and renews. This is the beginning again. This is entheogenic." -Nicholas Sand
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#7 Posted : 11/28/2019 10:52:10 PM

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Thumbs up
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#8 Posted : 11/29/2019 12:21:52 AM

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I an so grateful to have found this site, and I have learned so much from this forum, so wish to give something back to the society, and hope this tek can be of some help to others.

Thanks for the kind words Tony 🖖
#9 Posted : 11/30/2019 11:34:50 AM

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Propello wrote:
I an so grateful to have found this site, and I have learned so much from this forum, so wish to give something back to the society, and hope this tek can be of some help to others.

Thanks for the kind words Tony 🖖

I totally feel you, brother! I hope some day, I can give back!

Thank you again!
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#10 Posted : 12/10/2019 2:10:26 PM

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Tony6Strings wrote:
This ought to be stickied. Very impressed with the work you guys have put into the development of this roa. I admire your devotion.

I second that
Marijuana, LSD, psilocybin, and DMT they all changed the way I see
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#11 Posted : 12/10/2019 3:20:29 PM

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Thanks for the feedback Teamleary & Skooby. Let me know if there's any typos or crappy language. English is not my native language Smile
#12 Posted : 12/10/2019 9:11:19 PM

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Thanks Propello and all involved in sharing and developing this method.
Great effort all round, and agreed this defo deserves a sticky.
#13 Posted : 12/13/2019 7:13:26 PM

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Thx Jega Thumbs up

I have BTW edited a whole lot, especially chapter 3. Hope this will make it easier for the society.
some one
#14 Posted : 12/15/2019 11:26:38 PM

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Great job!
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#15 Posted : 12/16/2019 10:53:15 AM

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This is fucking great work guys :-D
Steffen335's build could maybe be added for a great addition to the different setups thus far. His see-through solution with the glass connector is excellent.
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#16 Posted : 12/16/2019 1:50:41 PM

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It's a great tool, deserves the attention Smile

After a failed nebulizer experiment I am all-in on e-mesh vaping!

Steffen335 can't post here yet. I quoted his info and attached his pictures in case they disappear from imgur.

Steffen335 wrote:

Standard stuff:

1) a mod (I’m using Vaporesso Gen),
2) Wotofo Profile RDA (the bottom part),
3) VandyVape SS316L 150 mesh,


4) GlassCo ISO 29/32 joint tube (002.202.07) @ http://glasscolabs.com/p...-cone-unprinted-din-iso/
5) two O-rings (thickness: 1.5 mm, inner diameter: 18 mm - these are ideal - buy more!)


6) GlassCo 29/32->19/26 adapter (014.202.04) for a 19 mm water filter (there's also one for 14 mm available) @ http://glasscolabs.com/product/expansion-adapter/
7) a water filter/bubbler/whatnot


You need to drill a single Ø 5 mm hole, starting ↔ 10 mm from the tube edge (see the photo). This configuration works best, IMO.


I suggest buying a few more tubes, just in case, because glass is hard to drill in. I had it drilled by a local glazier for around $2.50. Be persistent, because at first my guy said it's impossible, but then was able to drill all 4 holes I commissioned just fine. This lab glass is probably sturdier than he expected.

Thanks to using glass, everything inside is visible to the sitter, so they know precisely when to take the device out of your hands. I prefer to set the temperature to 240°C (in TC mode), to have everything vaporized in a single 2-3 second toke.

The connection between glass and RDA using those bigger O-rings feels very tight, sturdy, it doesn't wobble at all. I was surprised, it's like a single piece.

Also, a fun quirk is that this particular hole configuration (Ø 5 mm, ↔ 10 mm) whistles audibly, hah.

Steffen335 wrote:
It's just one hole. I tried drilling two holes in my first tube, but then the airflow was too big. It felt weird, I had to seal it. On the other hand, a single Ø 5 mm feels great. (Notice that you're constantly sucking the air out of that tube, so it goes up anyway - it does not hit the glass walls and crystallize, as my first intuition was.)

You need to hold it horizontally when loading - yes. I got that idea from previous posts here - I think from "some one"?

I have never used more than 30 mg so far, so I can melt the crystals into that long mesh (on TC @ 100°C - minimal setting on my device) in a rather thin layer. Then you can hold the vape however you want - even upside down as in that last picture with the water filter. It works, and doesn't spill the hot crystals. Smile I think it's because the melted layer is quite thin - it vaporizes pretty much instantly.

My favorite way is to lay down under a blanket, and vaporize horizontally (or even slightly upside down), without water filtration.

Indeed, I would never use a bong/water filter without a sitter, hah! But even then, it's just distilled water on your bed, so maybe some people will find it plausible.

But sure, I'll post a picture with 25 mg melted into it for reference, in a few days - I used it today and have to integrate the experience first. Razz

I'm sure horizontal mesh will work as well! I just wanted to have large surface area, so that it vapes instantly (30 mg in less than 3 seconds), and can be held upside down (for my water filter).

Steffen335 wrote:
I'm using manual TCR, to be able to limit wattage to 60 W. But still using the same TCR value as SS316L preset, i.e. 110.

I'm using a higher temp, because I found that the mesh doesn't glow red in a dark room on 200-220°, and it takes a lot more time to vaporize 25 mg using this temperature range. It does glow on 240°.

The smoke is a bit harsher than vaporized cannabis, I'm not a smoker and sometimes want to cough, but it's manageable not to. I'll try a few more sodium carbonate washes, and re-crystallizations, and report back.

Water filter is completely optional, the vapor is just fine without it. I'll do a comparison (water vs no water), after cleaning up the spice some more.

Steffen335 wrote:
Thanks for the input. I'll try with lower temperature soon, then.

Steffen335 wrote:
You can order [the glassware] directly from GlassCo, but at least 10 pieces... I used a local reseller. Maybe google "lab glassware shops" in your country, I'm sure someone will be selling GlassCo glass. Smile

If not, choose some other tube that matches your RDA, and then match appropriate o-rings. But this combination I posted works great. Smile

some one attached the following image(s):
1b.jpg (100kb) downloaded 5,699 time(s).
2b.jpg (79kb) downloaded 5,698 time(s).
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#17 Posted : 12/28/2019 10:25:19 PM

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Great info here!

Peace Love
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I have zero experience with these vaping mods, and found this discussion very informative. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share such great information!

I do have one question: can mods like the Aegis Solo also be used for vaping cannabis (separate from the spice, of course)? I'm a little hesitant to spend nearly $100 on a vape setup for spice that I would only use on occasion. However, if these setups could do double-duty as cannabis vaporizers it would help justify spending the money on the premium components. Thanks for any input.
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There is plenty dry herbs and wax atomizers available.
E-nails with rig glass attachments are also available for home vaping.
I haven't tried dry herbs on these atomizers
, but they are super with oil/wax.

The setup for e mesh shouldn't cost you more than 50-60 usd


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Thank you Propello for the information. I figured these rigs would work well with cannabis oil/wax, but I didn't realize that they made the accessories you linked to. Thumbs up

When I search the web for vape mods and other accessories, I see dozens of online retailers that I have no knowledge of. I am no stranger to ordering items online, but not knowing anything about these companies make me a little nervous. Can anyone recommend their favorite go-to online vape retailers (in the USA)? Thanks again for helping me explore this exciting ROA.
"How long will this last, this delicious feeling of being alive, of having penetrated the veil which hides beauty and the wonders of celestial vistas? It doesn't matter, as there is nothing but gratitude for even a glimpse of what exists for those who can become open to it." -Sasha Shulgin

"My god...it's full of stars!"
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