Best food safe tek for powdered cactus? Options
#1 Posted : 11/7/2019 6:01:14 PM

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Finally decided I've had enough of powdered SP in water, if I'm going to drink some nasty shit then I'll save that for aya Smile

Never done a mescaline extraction but plenty of DMT teks under my belt, so I feel confident I'll be able to do this... Any advice on which tek to use? Here's my wishlist:

- Planning to gel cap the finished product, 100% food safe tek strongly preferred

- Not tryin' to blow myself up or burn my house down

- Has to work great with powdered cacti

- Finished product needs to stay good for at least 2 years at room temperature

- Bonus if the tek is fairly passive and doesn't require a ton of time/ active attention

- Double bonus I can process 1-2kg of powder at once

Who's got a unicorn tek that fits the bill? Thanks in advance for the help!

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#2 Posted : 11/7/2019 6:42:31 PM

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STB Lye/Limo/Vinegar is simple and has worked well for me.

I make tea from fresh cactus, reduce it a bit, base the heck out of it, pull with D-Limonene and then salt the limo with vinegar. The result is full spectrum mescaline acetate which isn't as pretty as HCL or Sulfate crystals but it's easy to work with the limo and vinegar, caps up and works like gangbusters.

Of course you could just boil the powder, do a series of decants and evap the liquid to resin. That's easy and works.
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Wolfnippletip, how do you boil San Pedro powder without it turning to goop? This is the problem I recently ran into (may eat some of the condensed refrigerated goop tinight!!!)
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I've always used fresh cactus, but I was assuming powder with water added would revert to a similar goop as fresh cactus snot. Never used powder so I don't know.

After boiling 30 - 45 minutes I strain my cactus tea through a shirt, then decant at least once, reduce it to about half volume then base it.
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#5 Posted : 11/8/2019 12:24:47 AM

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You may find you'll have a modicum of success doing a "drytek" (it's a paste, really) with calcium hydroxide (pickling lime) as the base, pulling with limonene and recovering with acetic acid (white vinegar). Worth a try if you'd prefer to avoid using sodium hydroxide. A more thorough outline of this method is written up in its own thread around here somewhere.
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All one has to do is put the powder or fresh cactus in a blender with water. Blend and then pour the light green substance in a big pot of hot water. Watch carefully as in these stages it generally overlows. After an hour the goo will have desolved in the water. Four cooks of three hours each will probably get it all out. Strain the liquid through cheese cloth so only water will be in the final product. The final tea should be very dark, with a slight consistency of syrup. It should only be one tea cup, and one drinks them and chases them with something delicious. To have dieted is important. At the same its important to have energy in the body because one will not eat for the whole experience and be up and energized the whole time. Two or three tea cups or shot glasses should not cause any nausea or be disagreeable as its very fast and the chaser takes away the taste. But drink it slow. If one shot glass is three gulps, take two gulps and then go for a 15mins, come back and drink one more gulp, and drink it over the course of an hour (it is only 6 gulps or so and the chaser makes it possible.
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