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#41 Posted : 12/4/2019 11:18:46 PM

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FranLover wrote:
Its not a blank statement cause if anyone, anywhere, and and at anytime, wants to see magic; we can show it to them.

Its just three tokes away.

Free of charge, too!

How can I be hypocritical? That would mean I am doing the same thing as her.

I am not hording the magic.

How is she hoarding the magic? If anything, she is sharing it. Free of charge, on the internet.

FranLover wrote:
I am not starting a website in order to make people come to me

She isn't making anyone do anything. I don't feel a strong inclination to go see her.

FranLover wrote:
I am not making a living selling books with fake acounts passed off as true, preying on people's low education and need to believe in something greater.

What makes you think the books are paying the bills? What makes you think the accounts are fake? Why would she lie about what she experienced?

What makes you think I have "low education"? That's rather insulting, and just wrong.

FranLover wrote:
I am and was sober when doing that one-pointed meditation, and its a little hard, but nothing really crazy, its just a technique where you have to be really still and keep your eyes open.

But if you mean that I take my DMT experiences as real knowledge...

yes, I do =)

One might feel safe and secure in the definition of DMT being a mere 'drug' (that is what is implied, a 'mere drug,' as in just like caffeine or nicotine, meth or heroin.)

But I am not sure about that definition of the DMT flash.

I never made blanket statements about 'reality' as a whole. Thats very big and complex. I am just talking about what is possible in the psychic realm. If they can prove channeling, then I will admit that as possible into the psychic realm. But they cant and they dont. In fact, all you get from questioning it is defensiveness...a bad sign when looking for honesty or truth

Your arguments are based on your own preconceived (cultural) notions, aka hunches, which still really don't hold any water. You're still essentially doing the "my god is better than your god" thing, and you have no basis with which to refute any of Pamela's story. Granted, there is no proof possible for channeling. But it's okay, mate. This isn't an argument, but you're starting one that can't be finished.
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Nice, I see the thread run its course.

Let's put it to rest, shall we?

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