Psychotria "DW02" DMT yeild Options
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This report outlines the methods and results of a test done on Psychotria "DW02", an interspecific hybrid of Psychotria carthagenensis and Psychotria viridis bred by Darren at Herbalistics. Psychotria carthagenensis is the pistillate parent and Psychotria viridis is the staminate parent.

The plant is available here -

An extraction using the Lextek was undertaken using dry leaf material to provide a DMT yield. It is assumed that a significantly high level of DMT will result in this plant being found suitable as an Ayahuasca source plant. At this time test Ayahuasca brews have not been undertaken by me using this leaf material.

Three "DW02" clones were grown in pots for around 18 months. Plants were trimmed right back for harvest resulting in 810g wet leaf, which dried down to 547g dried leaf. Leaf was harvested right on dusk and plants watered 1 hour prior.

The Letek resulted in 4.77g of clean white DMT crystal.

Final yield is 0.87% DMT from dry leaves

Standard Psychotria viridis "Shipibo" or "narrow leaf" clone yields around 1% under similar conditions. So this makes the DW02 clone a viable alternative just going by the DMT content and depending on the climate where you live may be a much better alternative to grow your own Chacruna leaf.

Herbalistics has plants at the above link.

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nice. wish it were available in the states.
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Herbalistics will post leaves internationally for propogation
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Thanks for sharing the info, it's very useful to have extraction results of specific named clones + link to supplier of live clones Smile
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Edit: there is a DW02 experience report on Herbalistics website.

DW02 (Psychotria carthagenensis x P. viridis ‘Shipibo’)
Time – 2.5 hours strong, 2-3 hours taper off

Felt a bit tired, but really grateful and amazed the next day

* Decent, strong brew – around 180mg
* This was an exquisite brew and an amazing experience.
* It started with a very strong body buzz, and then pictures and images appearing, morphing in and * out of the colourful, geometric ‘white noise’.
* These pictures then turned into fully real and vivid cinematic visions – much like David Attenborough-type nature documentaries. These lifelike cinematic visions would morph seamlessly back into cartoon-like geometry, over and over again.
* I could tell that something special was going to happen, and then this female plant spirit appeared. It showed itself to me – letting me see its form – fairly small and dark, long arms and legs, human-like in its bodily appearance, but also very wispy and indefinable. Kind of like its body was made of moving flames, but without the fire. No clear facial features.
* I was really aware of not wanting to just passively experience her communication and visions. So I said hi, and asked her if she would show me how things work for her – how she thinks, how she feels, does she have emotions?, does she have a family? I wanted to learn from her.
* She started communicating back to me – not in words or a language, but with pictures and images. I could feel her ‘talking’ – kind of like the mental equivalent of being breathed on – I could feel this cerebral energy coming from her into my mind.
* She showed me a vision of her family – a stand of trees/shrubs in a super glossy, dark green, dense rainforest/jungle. There were older grandfather plants, and auntys, uncles, children. What was amazing was that I think I was meeting the whole family that I have been working with recently.
* Then she started showing me how they care for their babies – I saw a mother plant holding an infant in its arms – still no definable features apart from limbs. At this point I started coughing, and lost the connection. Then I saw a vision of the nurse/mother dropping the baby. And then the plant totally shut down. She went into a full shutdown – she was very upset and angry and sulking. I pleased, apologized, and said I was really interested in what she was showing me – but she refused to come back. I felt that I had lost something that was on the verge of being really important.
* After this I was shown some visions of me giving the medicine to some specific close friends of mine who have not drunk before.
* The latter stages of this journey got a bit dark at times – lots of vision of violence.
* After about 2 hours I was starving hungry, and ate vege soup and corn chips.
* This was one of the most special and insightful experiences I have had so far.

rahlii wrote:
Standard Psychotria viridis "Shipibo" or "narrow leaf"

That leaf is already strong - 5 grams dry is all I need.
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rahlii wrote:
Three "DW02" clones were grown in pots for around 18 months. Plants were trimmed right back for harvest resulting in 810g wet leaf, which dried down to 547g dried leaf.

I can't believe I missed this bit.

It was my understanding that with leaves in general, fresh weight is 10x dry weight. That seems to be the case with P. aquatica and B. caapi anyway.

In your case (DW02) the factor was 1.48 rather than 10. So that means one needs much less fresh leaf. 8-9 grams fresh leaf should be enough for a dose. That's excellent news!

I've acquired a cutting of DW02 and it's doing well - already becoming a plant with roots and new top growth, so if all goes well I should be able to test it myself this year.

Edit: apparently the average fresh leaf weighs 1g. So 8-9 leaves is all it takes.
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