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Hello my friends! I am happy to be here! I am a regular slave in life who enjoys getting out of the matrix and exploring my subconscience. I am a DJ/producer and i run my own Indy record label for techno/terror/Speedcore, animal lover, family guy-ish. I've recently began doing my own extractions and dipping my toes into the world of our lovely spice, though I don't believe I've broken through, but I've been at the doorstep! I've been extracting just over a month now and I love doing it, it's become a Zen type of thing for me, and who doesn't love blasting off using their own work?! I'm currently in the process of gathering materials for some lovely
Changa, and I cannot wait to use the methods described here in the Nexus to create something amazing! Take the red pill, my friends...what is presented is not reality!! Safe travels to all fellow psychonauts! -William- (666PsYcHoNaUt)
"Take the red pill, and see how far down the rabbit hole goes..."

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Welcome to the forum! Changa is my favorite, I feel like an alchemist mixing herbs together to find the perfect blend Laughing.
Chase your dreams.
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Is 666 just coincidence? If not, what is the reasons adopting the number which is considered as Devil's number in Christianity?
This might be considered as a delicate question. Don't get it wrong.
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