Would this work to clean a solvent? Options
#1 Posted : 10/2/2019 12:34:13 PM
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So would this work to clean up a solvent? Instead of buying a whole distillation kit. Use a closed loop extractor used for marijuana concentrate...Skip the whole column part pour solvent into the collection vessel that normally sits at the bottom of the column, attach hose from that collection vessel to another small collection vessel. Put the 1st vessel in a hot water bath second vessel in cold water bath. SWIM has a small closed loop and uses this method to recover butane. However he knows next to nothing besides that specific process on any of this. But has heard people doing this to clean up butane however he thought he remembered someone telling him it is usually done multiple times in order to get the cleanest product. Would more than 1 go need to be done for nap. or hep.?

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#2 Posted : 10/9/2019 9:39:04 PM

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Whether this would work depends on the boiling range of the solvent you're using. Heptane would be just about OK, mid-range naphtha would require more heat than that unless you're happy using reduced pressure. If, as by the sounds of it, the solvent vapours are passing through some kind of plastic hose then it's far from optimal and also effectively prevents use of reduced pressure.

Glassware needn't be that expensive and should prove to be endlessly useful to you.
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Your extractor would also smell bad (depending on your solvent).
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