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#1 Posted : 9/21/2019 3:03:52 PM

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Hey guys. So I’ve seriously been thinking of attempting my first mescaline extraction, I’ve read through the process pretty thoroughly and feel like I got it for the most part but in my reading I’ve noticed people seem to stress that mescaline extractions can be a bit more risky if not done correctly. At first I thought it was pretty similar to a mhrb extraction but after reading more I started to get a little more intimidated. The use of sulfuric acid is a little sketchy to me but mostly because I know it’s some pretty strong stuff and well.... it’s different. As well as I read that using any kind of metal during the process is a no no, which kinda freaked me out because I’ve always used a butter knife to lightly churn my mhrb solution and naphtha layers during my dmt extractions. First question is should I no longer use my butter knife to churn during my dmt extractions? Second question is what are key steps that should not be taken lightly during a San Pedro powder extraction? Like I said I’ve studied the process a lot but the Teks I read simply give you the instructions but arnt very clear on what steps are most important to keep you from messing up and poisoning your self or something. Any and all feedback welcome. Better safe than sorry
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I'm going with resin tek for a couple reasons- 1. I share a small apartment with my fiance and babies, I don't want to use Xylene in here because of the smell/fumes. 2. I want full spectrum cactus medicine. 3. Also it has a good rep amongst old heads here at the Nexus. Good luck with your 'straction.
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Your butter knife will still be just fine during the alkaline stage of an extraction. There's no need to get any sulfuric acid anywhere near it. Stainless steel or (borosilicate) glass implements would be preferable - or magnetic stirring with a teflon stirbar ofc - if you found you needed to stir the acid salting stage and were using sulfuric or hydrochloric rather than any of the weaker, organic acids. The main thing is to use proper laboratory glass when diluting sulfuric acid.

It always bears repeating that the acid should be added to the water and not the other way round!!

Some people even have reported success with using carbonated water as the acidic phase to extract the mescaline back out of the NPS so it's possible to make a cactus extraction fairly non-hazardous if that's what you'd prefer. Sulfuric acid is used because mescaline sulfate forms good, stable, anhydrous crystals which help to ensure accurate dosing.
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