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#1 Posted : 9/19/2019 6:45:51 AM

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Greetings all, I recently procured some (Alledged) pure mescaline hcl. It is very very white and quite fine (Much more fine than freebase dmt crystals) Its almost a powder. It has a fairly bitter taste but I wouldnt say it tastes "cactusy" (Not that I have tasted mescaline or pedro before) It really doesnt taste of anything? It smells of.... well, nothing. Maybe the inside of a balloon? It doesnt leave any aftertaste (Except for the initial slightly bitter taste) or numbness nor does it tingle or burn in any way on the tounge.

I was wondering if anyone was able to make an educated guess as to the legitimacy of this "mescaline"
Yes I know the only way to know is to do reagents but right this second I do not have the means to do any. No I do not plan on eating a gram to myself even though it could be poison so do not worry about that Smile

Any feedback appreciated and have a grateful day!

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Mescaline doesn't have "cactusy" taste. Especially when pure.
It is strongly bitter, not just slightly.
Mescaline HCl is usually in the form of powder rather than crystals.
Purely white mescaline is not very likely, as it would have to be either synthesized mescaline or very purified extracted mescaline. The synthesis is highly unlikely and most people don't fully purify extracted mescaline HCl (although it is possible), so some coloration (like shade of white) would be more likely.

So the odds you have mescaline are very low, I would say less than 1:20, if you don't know its real source.
Imho the best thing you can do, if you don't have any reagents, is to dispose of that.
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This correlates to every thing I have read/seen. I think I will wait until I am able to test it as I wouldnt want to risk throwing out real pure mescaline on my life as it is very very hard to come by where I am.

Thank you so much <3
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We humans are not, unfortunately, equipped with mass spectrometers in our eyes, tongues or noses, so there is no way to know what your product is by how our senses perceive it (plus if it was a highly potent toxic substance it would be a terrible idea to try and taste a little bit of it)

You need to get a couple of reagents to eliminate other substances that may be mistakenly offered as mescaline. Reagents are easy to get, discrete, not expensive, and super easy to use. Ideally you use a combination of reagents. So get a tiny amount of that supposed mescaline and put in a white ceramic plate, then add a drop of reagent and watch the reaction´s color. Get a bit more of the mesc and use another reagent. The more reagents you use, the more you will eliminate potential false-positives.

For mescaline the best reagents to eliminate false positives are: Marquis, Mecke and Froehde.

Marquis should turn red, mecke should turn red/orange, and froehde should turn yellow. Anything other than that, and you dont have mescaline.

Dont consume unknown products before testing it.

Good luck
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