Bufo bufo secretion as admixture to Rue/Caapi Options
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Bufo bufo is a toad that hops around where I live.

As far as I have read, bufotenine has the potential to be a powerful visionary medicine.

And the heart toxins in the venom are destroyed by heat...

So would the secretions boiled in water be safe to ingest?

And is the venom milking process with Bufo bufo the same as with Bufo alvarius?

Thank you.

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Chimp Z
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Don't be playing with fire if you don't know how hot it is.
The bufotenine can cause some unwanted nausea or excessive body load
when mixed with MAOI.
I would suggest just chillin' with the frogs for a while before
attempting to mix with MAOI.
Have you read anyone's experiences with YOPO or toad secretions?
People generally have a pretty uncomfortable physical experience
with the bufotenine extracts as well as 5-MeO-DMT.
It can be visionary but takes a toll on your body during the trip.
I've had friends tell me bufotenine isn't worth it to extract because they smoked
it and had incredible back pain when the effects hit.
In my time I imagine I've ingested trace amounts of Bufotenine with the
Phalaris/Rue teas I've made, it has all worked out great so far.
I think if you're going to work with Bufotenine and the toads, dose low.
Be certain that the frog you're after actually has tryptamines too.
Bufo Marinus, now known as ,Rhinella marina, is a common toad with Bufotenine.
Bufo Alvarius now reclassified as Incilius alvarius has 5-MeO-DMT & Bufotenine.
Be safe Smile
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Hey Chimp Z. Do you know some good threads here on yopo and toad venom?

A lot of times pure molecules appear to have toxic effects when whole spectrum extracts from natural sources seem to be benign.

I would definitely hang out with the toad alone first before attempting something like this.

As far as I know, Bufo bufo is all we have here, and

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I would strongly suggest not drinking toad venom tea, whether boiled or not, with MAOI or not. The heat from smoking seems to destroy the more toxic components but I wouldn't bet on boiling achieving that. Bufo bufo gargarizans venom is used in Chinese medicine but you really want to know what you're doing with the dose to risk taking toad venom internally. Also, besides alvarius (which tends to contain mainly 5-MeO-DMT, by far) toad venoms tend to be made up of heaps of different 5-substituted indoles (and other things), and just because a species has been listed as containing bufotenine doesn't mean it is necessarily going to be the major component. Some of the other alkaloids may be interesting psychoactives in their own right but practically nothing is known of their human pharmacology.
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Thank you, Wira.
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The general consensus is that bufotenin is not to be taken orally. Some people claim that with a large amount of 5ht3 antagonists it is doable though.
I personally find it is most effective when smoked.

Toadvenom, as far as i know, contains mostly 5-MeO-DMT. I don't know if that is active at all, when taken orally, because of the MAO enzyme.
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dragonrider, the OP talks about bufo bufo which is a different toad than incilius alvarius '( previously named bufo alvarius ).
I don't think its a good idea to drink bufo bufo secretions, but maybe one can milk them. best, would be if you try, milk them and send the milk to analysis before even planning on smokingit. if you want bufotenine, its really easy to just get yopo seeds and prepair that or even extract bufotenin from them.
way more reliable and safe than milking toads as pionneer and guinea pig.
Smell like tea n,n spirit !

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