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#1 Posted : 9/16/2019 12:25:07 PM
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Hey guys so I have done some reading about these 2 questions and well found a TON of info out there and a TON of different herbs. That is part of the problem I am having there is just TOO much info it would take years to read it all. So I figured I would present the question to you guys and maybe you can help me narrow down the herbs I should be reading about!

So anyway First does anyone have any experience with herbs that will help you fall asleep? Well besides chamomile I thinks that's the most popular and I have tried it years ago and it doesn't really work with me...Anyway now I am taking sleep meds but I am also trying to be more healthy with things I take so if I could find a herb to do it that would make me feel a little better!

Ok second question anyone have experience with any "dream herbs"? I have been very curious about these cause you see them on almost all of the "shaman related shops" online. So really I am looking for stories of personal experience's with these different herbs or combinations of herbs. Like I said any stories anyone would be willing to share so maybe I can narrow down my research to a few of these herbs would REALLY be appreciated!! THANKS GUYS

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Valerian root is excellent, and FRESH chamomile. As to dream herbs, Calea z. is pretty amazing but it's efficacy seems to be greatly hampered by cannabis use. I've posted some of the experiences I've had with it on my introduction thread.
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Cannabis Indica will put you out like a very comfortable light. I suggest smoking oil made from such before bed.
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The root of synaptolepsis kirkii is a very powerful dream enhancer / lucid dream catalyst .

As far as things to help fall asleep... Valerian root can help as someone already mentioned, and as someone else mentioned, I think it goes without saying that cannabis can be of use...

I have been using, on and off, melatonin, magnesium and small doses of syrian rue/harmalas . These all definitely help.
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Not sure if it was mentioned but skullcap is great [tincture]. Passionflower's also great [tincture]. Great aids ime to help falling asleep.
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Tony6Strings wrote:
Cannabis Indica will put you out like a very comfortable light. I suggest smoking oil made from such before bed.

I came to this thread to make this exact post, but tony covered it. An indica wipes me out every time. Even during the day if high enough dosage.
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Good fresh chamomile tea for sleep indeed, and mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) for dreaming.
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