friend smoked full bowl of 20X to no effect Options
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so i told a friend that if he wanted to smoke salvia and he said yes, so I packed a bowl full of 20x and the first time he had absolutely no effect (he did hold the smoke for 30 secs).

so he tried again and nothing.

so there are people that are inmune to salvinorine??

he is a regular cocaine user btw

anyone has had similar experiences?

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Whoa that's the first time I hear someone being completely resistant to salvia...if there's no logical scientific explanation I think it's safe to assume that was a sign he shouldn't venture into those realms! Big grin
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Some poeple are resistant to salvia or ket or dmt especially first time. it's better to dose normal and do it again one week later for exemple. than doing full gram of 20X which is alreadyan overdose. so even if it worked at that dose he would just have blacked out. And woke up not remembering anyting, maybe feeling a bit traumatized while not knowing what happened..
I suggest you read the "All about Salvia Dosing thread".
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what I meant by bowl is not a gram. Its the bowl of the minibeaker which is nearly .15 grams.
Thanks for the info about the first time hard heads.
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