An interseting channel about the micro cosmos. Options
#1 Posted : 8/22/2019 10:29:44 PM

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Front row seat watching the little things:


Trippy glass for trippy people.
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I geek out on these too. Its totally fascinating and sooo much like DMT!!! Micro animals ftw!💓
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May this world be established with a sense of well-being and happiness. May all beings in all worlds be blessed with peace, contentment, and freedom.
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^^ fascinating indeed, it's a mind bending weird world of unimaginable complexity, like a hyperspace of innerspace.

What I rate high in youtubes is the narrator's capacity to bring the story.
At moments I got the funny idea to listen to Terence McKenna's son Big grin .
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Yeah I've been closely following this channel since their first video. They're getting better and better, and I appreciate the amount of hard work they put in their content.

Their latest video is amazing! I've yet to watch them while tripping though, that would be interesting.
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O, supreme beings of the higher realms, allow me to venture into your dimensions. I come with love and with harmony. I bring no hatred and carry no malevolence in my soul. I come to learn and to grow. Show me your world and gift me some of your knowledge. Ask me, and I shall answer with honesty; hug me, and I shall hug you back; advise me, and I shall follow your wisdom. Heal me from my fear and give me insight. There is little I can offer back but my love and trust. O, supreme beings of the higher realms... I am yours.
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Heil Hydra!

This gives me the chills Shocked
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Very cool thank you for posting!!
olympus mon wrote:
You need to hit it with intention to get where you want to be!

"We have arrived at truth, and now we find truth is a mystery- a play of joy, creation, and energy. This is source. This is the mystic touchstone that heals and renews. This is the beginning again. This is entheogenic." -Nicholas Sand
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Jees big Thank you for sharing! You are amazing. Each topic is better than the previous one. The video channel is very beautiful and interesting. The Microcosm reveals a very beautiful and dynamic World that is infront our eyes all the time and even interacts with our lives. The videos themselves are endlessly beautiful, they are a work of art. When I watch them, I rejoice at how limitless, complex and beautiful the Creator's Creation is.
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Thanks for the nice words and
IIYI wrote:
...they are a work of art.

Absolutely, never seen such art before. This is how to recruit people into science, this is the way. A perfect symbiosis of narration and tech.

One could ignore many things in life but once you've taken notice of the microworld in the way these people present it, it clings on you Big grin

Down there it's still hunting and protecting and outsmarting, same things going on at sub eye level.
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