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#1 Posted : 8/15/2019 9:04:10 PM

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Wife and I have decided to take the plunge and hopefully within the next year or so will be going to be one of the many ayahuasca retreats. I was hoping that maybe some of you guys could make some recommendations or offer some advice, there seems to be a great many of these places and we've never traveled out of the US before.
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Iquitos Peru ayahuasca foundation is where I went twice and I researched all the places for months and that is where I choose and it was worth it. Although they book up year or so in advance and they have raised there prices now and it’s quite expensive . But they teach you so much about it and so many other things and it’s so bueatiful thete . Just research many places and find one that fits your $$$ and that reasonates with you. Then research there reviews on trip advisor as well . Look at the negatives if there are any and the good as well. I would def do in the jungle where it’s grown
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If you happen to be in the sacred valley, close to cuzco, there are a couple of places there.
I took it once with Alonso del Rio. There are a lot of foreign there (Pisac area, sacred Valley), so they might speak english.


I am an experienced user... they didn´t do much conversation and integration... it started silently and then Alonso sings and plays the guitar.

You are also close to machu pichu and many interesting archeological places you could visit.
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