Painful insect stings/bites pain relief Options
#1 Posted : 8/11/2019 6:20:33 PM

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I recently saw Coyote Peterson praising (albeit during a paid promotion) this thing called Sting-Kill by using it to soothe the pain from a Bullet Ant bite, which is arguably the most painful insect bite in Nature.

Although 2+ hours had passed since he got stung, the pain should still be pretty bad, and as soon as he applied it he said it worked like a charm.

Now I love the dude, he's completely nuts in a good way, but I don't really trust paid promotions, no matter who does them. So has anyone tried this thing and can confirm or deny its efficacy? I'm thinking of stocking 10 of the green vials for my journey to the Amazon, just in case I encounter something whose sting/bite hurts like hell. I am of course open to suggestions for alternative products if anyone has experience with such.

Thank you! Love
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