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LionDragon wrote:
All right, so I just finished the third boil and ended up using the T-shirt tea-bag method you suggested. Using powdered MHRB and B. caapi, I'm already learning, is a pain to deal with. In the future I'll be looking to explore shredded ingredients. That said the tea-bag method worked very well with the MHRB!

I brewed 1 pound (~454 grams) of B. caapi and 15 grams of MHRB. I don't plan to consume all the MHRB brew at once; I just wanted to make sure I had more than enough to test the waters and slowly increase my dosage if needed.

For my first experience I'm going to consume the B. caapi by itself, and I'm wondering how to properly measure it since I made so much at once. I want to try 50 grams my first time so am I correct in thinking 1/9th of my reduced brew will be roughly equal to 50 grams? I definitely don't want to overdo it.

Very excited to finally meet Mother Aya; I studied all aspects of both DMT and Aya for 2 years before my first DMT extraction and it's been over a year since then. I've had several profound journeys and finally feel ready to go deeper than ever before. I can't thank you all enough for making this possible.

I love this community!

Yep, you are correct that 1/9 of your brew will be ~=50g. Good call on making extra and starting with straight caapi and slowly working your way up to adding admixture, that really the best way to start out imo.

Sounds like you got it all down. I wish you much growth and healing from your work with the medicine. Smile

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Visual diagram for the administration of dimethyltryptamine

Visual diagram for the administration of ayahuasca

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Thanks dreamer!

I started last night with about 50 grams of B. caapi and after half an hour of feeling nothing I decided to double the dose and add just a bit more on top of that, coming out to about 120 grams total. I ended up feeling very strange, like all the physical feelings and emotional thoughts were being very gently pulled away from me and I had no control over it. I didn't experience any visuals or anything too profound, just very mellow and warm feelings that seemed to constantly influx and recede. I ended up falling asleep after 2 and half hours and today I feel a perpetual state of "DMT smoking afterglow" - that gentle euphoria the resides deep within the core of one's being after coming back from an intense hyperspace journey. I felt very slight nausea at about an hour and a half into the experience but it went away by about 2 hours into it. Needless to say I didn't purge out of either end and my bowel movement was pretty normal today.

Does all of that sound about right for a vine-only experience? Admittedly I'm somewhat worried I didn't make it strong enough as I didn't acidify my boils. I definitely felt something though and am going to try the same amount combined with 3 grams of MHRB brew to start this weekend and go from there.
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Wow.. well, I had some questions prior to reading this amazing thread. And.. now, I really don't!
I don't know much about aya at all, besides from reading things here and there in this forum, but.. it seems as though you've compiled every bit of important information right here!
Amazing Ms. Minxx! I'm very grateful to have read this prior to really deciding or not if I want to have a go with this medicine.

I've decided to grow all of the plants I need for this process. Will that even work, for me, in the climate I'm in? I don't rightfully know yet. But, to me, that's just another part of the process.
And, regardless, I think if I decide to go anywhere else to read more on this subject, it seems like I'll just be reading more of what you've wrote, again and again. NOT that that's a bad thing, at all. That's just more reinforcement.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up. It's really made me think more about this, and, understand things I didn't fully get, yet. It'll be months before I even get to attemp to make this, so, time's not really an issue here. I'll get to read alot more over the coming months, but, you've summed up all of the basics in a nice, neat package.

Super Radical wrote:
Naww. MJ sandwich is the way to go the first time.
Then next time after the WTFOMG moment, realize your ready to changa things up.

It's more special that way.

'DMT is not one of our irrational illusions. What we experience in the presence of DMT is real news. It is a nearby dimension-- frightening, transformative, and beyond our powers to imagine, and yet to be explored in the usual way. We must send fearless experts, whatever that may come to mean, to explore and to report on what they find.' - Terence McKenna
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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am going to be encountering ayahuasca for the first time in my life and I hold this thread to high standards and will use the information sparingly.

Thank you again.
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Thank you.. wow really well written post just what I was looking for as I am preparing for my first aya experience, especially the bit about seeing the vine as a lover and bringing in a romantic candle, keeping the light separate,
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Thank you kindly Miss Minx for a wonderful write-up. Just wanted to contribute a slight addition for those interested in more detailed/further exploration;

How to have an AMAZING Ayahuasca Experience Smile

Namaste Laughing
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Magnificent, thanks so much.

In my country, the legal go-to psychoactive substance is ethanol. Sometimes my friends get wasted and tell the craziest stories about how they go out at night to harvest strange grasses in the light of the full moon. They claim to meet elves, white light and jaguars. These are their stories.

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If I choose to brew the mimosa for 9 hours as I do with the caapi, will it matter? Could it burn or lose potency?

I read this:
"-Warning #1: Mimosa *MUST* be brewed separately from the vine!! It is normal for a sediment to drop out of any brewed plant material after 24 hours or so; in the case of vine and leaves, the sediment may be consumed, but NOT in the case of Mimosa. It can be prepared in identical manner to the vine, only in a separate pot. After decanting for 24 hours, a dark sludge should fall out; the sludge is responsible for most of the ill feelings and bad experiences related to Mimosa. Decant, filter through pantyhose/cheesecloth, and pour into a sterilized jar. Do not drink the sludge!"

I will be refrigerating this stuff over night after I make it. I read about stuff falling out of mimosa when refrigerated. IS this before or after brewing, is there something I need to filter out of the reduced brew if refrigerated?

Can someone give me an egg whites tek? I'm worried about a premature purge although I rarely ever purge on pharma. I may use the tek on the visual diagram. And will I need to worry about decanting with the egg white tek?
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You can brew them together but just let the brew sit overnight in the fridge and then siphon/pour the liquid off of the sediment that dropped to the bottom.
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So it won't burn?

And guess I'll use the tek in the visual diagram thread, thanks.
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Is there a scale for x water for every g of material?
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thank you
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WalkingSpirit wrote:
Is there a scale for x water for every g of material?

to avoid caramelization I think the rule suggested by a few here was 150ml per 10g of vine. Basically just simmer (not boiling) your combined brew down to aprx half a cup or otherwise before it turns to a sludge.

didnt see that you asked this 6 months ago. :/ Probably got it down to a science by now.
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1:1 ratio by weight? So if there is 10g of vine used, one would use 10g of chacruna?

Also, what quantity in weight is appropriate for say 2-4 servings total? 10g of vine and 10g of leaves? 100:100g? 1 pound :1 pound? I have no idea
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1:1 ratio is for Peruvian grown viridis..not Hawaiian grown..

for 100g vine you would use 100g leaf at 1:1 ratio. Some people only use about 50g leaf. The 1:1 ratio is not something you have to follow, or always should follow.

10g vine is far too little.
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I have experience with psychedelics though mostly from many years ago. I recently did heavy doses of dried psyllis and still seem to be more tolerant than I would like . I want to try Aya and I want an intense experience.

I have some 30: 1 B Caapi concentrated yellow paste and 75 g of dry chacruna leaves. My plan is to take 5 g of 30:1 BC ( equal to 150 grams starting from raw vine) boiled for a few minutes for my first aya experiece, requesting some specific physical healing.

THIS PART EDITED FROM ORIGINAL POST: After considering the Aya only experience, my plan is to take the same or perhaps lesser dose of B C and boil the 75 grams chacruna. The visual diagram said the additive only needs to be boiled for an hour and a half, DOES THE CHACRUNA NEED TO BE FILTERED? Is 1/2 of the boiled C too small an amount of the chacruna tea?

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Yes, filtering is required, all questions answered here:
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