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Our legendary member 69ron posted this a long time ago:

By the way, smoked bufotenine [and mentioned elsewhere just a lot of other psychedelics, too] goes really well with kola nut. The theobromine in the kola nut makes it more visual and more euphoric. It really enhances it quite a bit. It does the same for 5-MeO-DMT.
SWIM makes kola nut iced tea using 2 droppers full of kola nut extract, a little sweetener, and a few drops of lime juice. It tastes really good.
A similar enhancement effect can be had with cocoa, but SWIM finds kola nut is much better.

So I am wondering if there is sombody with an easy Kola Nut extract around here?

Any reasons not to just do a standard cook @ pH 3 and then extract with DCM and evap?

I guess you will get caffeine and theobromine safely with this, but maybe there are other ways.

Sounds quite too interesting to not test it Razz Rolling eyes

Google just gives this and this is a patent to produce it in industry scale with the aid of enzymes and stuff Confused


Check the

BIG Analysis on DMT !

Lots of interesting and possibly new stuff unraveled ;o

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