Lessons/Take Aways of San Pedro? vs Aya/Mush Options
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Was wondering if there are any consistent take away you get from San Pedro experience?

I've done about one hundred mushroom and ayahuasca deep dives, have a good sense of the journey during and after journey.

Did a San Pedro ceremony, but not much happened except for severe stomach cramping for 5+ hours. With mushrooms or aya, I got deep into non dual hyper space.

Have the opportunity to do San Pedro again, and wondering the big benefits you guys get from San Pedro?

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Can't talk about Aya, but I did Shrooms many times and Mescaline 3x. Oh, and some LSD. While the trips themselves had a certain distinct flavor, I always had the impression that it was more about the lessons I had to learn.
Whether the medium for this lesson to occur would be meditation, a psychological crisis, this or that psychedelic substance - I see it as a similar lesson, being narrated in a different voice.

A pity that your experience was underwhelming - Mescaline is supposed to be relatively gentle in low doses, but can certainly be as intense as Psilocybin or LSD when you take some more.
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I'm in the same boat as brewster, having done mushrooms and San Pedro, but never Ayahuasca. I'm not sure the exact numbers, but I did shrooms about 50 to 60 times. And I've done San Pedro 20 something times now, probably about 25. I've also done LSD and a few other substances.

The main difference that I find with San Pedro compared to the tryptamines is that San Pedro is much more of a mind AND body experience. The duration of the experience is longer. The bodyload is more intense. The effects hit you in waves throughout the experience. There is a mental clarity to the experience compared to the tryptamines (which can be confusing and foggy at higher doses). The visuals on San Pedro are much more concrete and realistic. For example, on mushrooms there were many times when I was not really sure what I was looking at. Was that a balloon that passed by in the sky, or was it a blimp, or was it an alien spacecraft? The visual representation of that object appeared to change as I looked away and looked back at it. With San Pedro the visuals are very vivid and clear and detailed, and the visual stays what it is without morphing, even though there is some movement. Its hard to describe.

I guess I'm rambling at this point. Another difference is that there is a palpable afterglow effect from San Pedro that lasts for days or even weeks. There are many differences, but also similarities too. Its a very good medicine. From what I understand (though I have never personally experienced it) many of the ceremonies in South America are traditionally conducted at lower doses. When you up the dose with San Pedro the effects (especially visuals) increase dramatically, and the duraution goes quite a bit longer. But there can also be significant nausea and muscle cramps and other challenging physical side effects. At very high doses the trip can last 20 or more hours.

Its definitely worth exploring more and going deeper if you get the opportunity.
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Mescaline consistently gives me a feeling of deep connectedness with the universe. This includes all living beings current and past, plants, rocks, the sky, literally everything. The molecule has an intense push to it, apparently intending to inhabit every cell of my body, and by the end I feel as if I've been the recipient of a prolonged, sexual thrust by the universe. Mescaline does this for me even in low doses; your mileage may vary.

The hardest part of using cactus is the the variability inherent in using a plant - sometimes the mescaline is less than I'd hoped for and other elements are more prominent that makes for a harder body load. For me the body load is always somewhat of an issue.

I now recognize the connectedness feeling with LSD, though it isn't as prominent and doesn't have the near same relentless push of mescaline. I've never studied with aya, so can't comment on that, but someday! I encourage you to get a good dose of mescaline in you, it's good for the soul.

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