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The standard procedure for HCL is to crush and wash with IPA and/or acetone. I have heard it can also be dissolved in hot IPA and recrystallizes as it cools. But what about fumarates, do we know the solubility of the other alkaloids when they are a fumarate salt ?

On page 2 of narmz's thread ( ) narmz mentions that acetone and ipa washes will clean the product and that experience indicates that the non-mescaline alkaloids do not precipitate when using the tek from that thread. But do the washes really remove the non-mesc alks ? Do they really not precipitate in the first place ? Do we have confirmation of this ?

I have an idea for finding out based on Phlux's acetone recrystalization method ( ). You could take the precipitated non-mesc alkaloids from this tek, basify and pull with limonene or toluene and salt out as fumarates as in the narmz method. If there is no precipitation, then bingo, narmz was right.

You could also try the phlux method on fumarates. If there is separation then take the mescaline containing acetone and evap. Convert the fumarates to hcl and do the phlux tek again. Ideally there should be no precipitation at all.

Does anyone have any thoughts or more info ?
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