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I'm planning on a nice little trip with a fellow nexian this weekend and my choice is one tab of acid (~150ug) and harmalas freebase. Thing is, I didn't quite find enough info on the nets that recommended a good dosage of harmalas to go with that amount of acid, so I was wondering if any of you more knowledgeable and experienced people out here could throw in your two cents on this one.

I guess what matters the most is how much do harmalas potentiate the LSD effect. I'm looking for a strong trip knowing that's hard to achieve with only 150ug, and that's why I put my hopes in the harmalas' power to potentiate those 150ug and make them feel at least twice that much, albeit different.




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maybe you already seen this ?

Regarding the dosage, you would make your dosage up slowly because it can be very intensive
Harmalas hit faster than lsd so you may be carefull with that.
As you don't need MAO inhibiting, please do low dosage of harmalas (50mg per 50mg ?)

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Dragon-n already posted a couple topics here related to boosting acid with what you mention, just do a search, not all that impressed with his results, as the duration of activity doubled and the strength seemed way too powerful, it took him for a ride he was not prepared for it seemed. Pastanostra makes good comments.

This topic can also be looked at backwards, in other words, is it possible instead of potentiating the acid to bring out the visionary qualities of a small amount of harmaline?

I'll address the backwards possibility however...

Have read of a report years ago of unknown subject (report from entheogen review after the tail end of an ibogaine report, where subject had continued experiments) dreaming 150ug LSD and then 2 hours after dropping that had dreamed of only 30mg harmaline, the harmaline visions were brightened and colored, even animated by Hoffman's miracle to reveal stone temple religious complexes, grand architecture, pyramids, an Indian Shaman with head-dress, half animal-half human hybrids, aztec temples, fantastic clairvoyant scenes.

In the written account, it was not necessary to take them together, but to simply dream the small amount of harmaline some hours into the Hoffman's miracle voyage, then close the eyes and enjoy the brightened and colored dreamy harmaline visions or so was written. Hoffman's miracle acted as the leaf or light replacement in the voyage, and the harmaline acting as the main course of the marriage of the two together.

...these were said to all be like Aya visions but with only the use of a tiny amount of harmaline taken much later, and eyes then closed with a mask on. That amount of harmaline in the report was typically the amount found in a caapi dose. It's the dreamy component of caapi and responsible for much of the dream-like imagery that is completely un-related to normal night time dreams.

More on harmaline dosage experiments can be found by Dr. Naranjo's experiments on 70 subjects in the harmaline excerpt from "Hallucinogens and Shamanism" by Michael J. Harner Copyright 1973, Oxford Press.

Harmaline appears to play a role in the dream-like sequences:

Albert Moss document on rue from erowid:
Huge birds of prey, large jaguars and snakes are common hallucinations with harmala alkaloids. Observe and enjoy the bright colored imagery as it changes continually in a flowing transformation of dream-like sequences.

From Dr. Naranjo's experiments with harmaline from book above:
Before we examine more closely the content of these harmaline experiences I would like it to be understood that the mere description of one such session, lasting about six hours, would easily take an hour to convey. In fact, I have in my possession a forty-page report written by one of the subjects on his experience.

Shannon in his book "Antipodes of the Mind" talks about how Naranjo's subjects on harmaline saw a rather large frequency of merry-go-rounds, amusement parks, ferris wheels. Large doses of harmaline were needed when dreamed by itself (3 to 4mg per kg according to Naranjo) without any brightening by an admixture...but admixture apparently makes the dream-like visions more easily seen even at the lowest of harmaline doses (30 to 40mg or so) by brightening, coloring, and enhancing the animation subjectively. Harmaline in studies was shown to put the brain waves into a dream-like state but yet highly alert visually. Shanon found the visions to be non-related to normal night-time dreams, but instead related to the realms of (see below): 1)nature, 2)culture, 3)fantasy, 4)spiritual & supernatural.

Have read reports of people seeing these type of Aya-like visionary images with Hoffman's miracle by itself (no harmaline) even before drifting off to sleep, when the brain is very relaxed & in a meditative state. The harmaline addition seems to ease the brain into the dream-like state of heightened alpha brain-waves as easy as is done naturally, and extending this awake dream-like state for some hours while awake.

Dr. Naranjo:
Harmaline appears to be more hallucinogenic than mecaline (the most visually acting drug in its chemical group), both in terms of the number of images reported and their realistic quality. In fact some subjects felt that certain scenes which they saw has really happened, and that they had been as disembodied witnesses of them in a different time and place. This matches the experience of South American shamans who drink ayahuasca for purposes of divination.

With closed eyes, imagery was abundant and most often vivid and bright colored, with a predominance of red-green or blue-orange contrasts. Longdream-like sequences were much more frequent for harmaline than for mescaline. Certain themes, such as felines, negroes, eyes, and flying are frequent and have been reported elsewhere

The remarkable vividness of imagery viewed under the effect of harmaline,together with phenomena such as double contours and persistence of afterimages, had led us to suspect a peripheral, i.e. retinal, effect of the drug, and this was tested by the recording of electroretinograms in cats.

The suspicion was confirmed, in that harmaline causes a definite increase in the alpha wave and a decrease in the beta wave of the electroretinogram, both of which become apparent before any change is observed in the brain cortex.

Naranjo's use of EEG showed how the trance-like state generated by harmaline, somehow resembling sleep, is neuro-physiologically more like a state of alertness in that the EEG recordings show the disappearance of alpha waves when the subjects have their eyes closed.

Concluding Remarks from Benny Shanon on chapter "Contents of Visions" from the classic "Antipodes of the Mind, Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience":
Having focused on details, let me now take a broader perspective and comment on the global picture that emerges from the foregoing survey. In their totality, the data we have surveyed define the semantic space of the visions seen with Ayahuasca. Embracing an alternative world-view, these data may also be regarded as defining what traditional users refer to as 'the world of Ayahuasca'. The semantic space, or world, in question comprises four main domains.

The first is the domain of nature. As noted throughout the foregoing discussion, animals especially serpents, felines, and birds are some of the most common items in the visions. Natural landscapes and scenes of forests and gardens are also very common. Also common are scenes of heavenly bodies and the far reaches of the cosmos.

The second domain is that of culture. Its prime manifestations are magnificent cities, the majesty of the royal, various products of artistic creation, religion, and magic. Usually, what are seen in the visions are not contents pertaining to the drinker's own socio-cultural milieu but rather ones associated with ancient civilizations. The majority of the constructions, objects, and artefacts that appear in the visions are either precious or wonderfully ornate or both. Further, most of the buildings seen in the visions are palaces or temples, and many of the human beings are either kings and queens or religious figures and persons with spiritual prominence.

Third is the domain of fantasy. It comprises enchanted and magical lands and it is populated by all sorts of creatures which are neither human beings nor naturalistic animals. As just indicated, the objects and scenes that appear in the visions are usually not mundane; often they are associated with mythology, fairy tales, and magic.

Fourth is the domain of the spiritual and the supernatural. Ayahuasca visions often reveal before one celestial and heavenly realms. In these, divine and semi divine beings often appear. The supernatural domain is usually associated with spiritual and metaphysical meanings. Related to this domain are the items and scenes pertaining to death.

In addition to the specific contents that are typical to them, Ayahuasca visions are also characterized by the extraordinary beauty that they manifest. Time and again, drinkers report that what they see in Ayahuasca visions surpasses in magnificence anything they have ever seen either in reality or in works of art. As further indicated above, objects and artefacts that appear in these visions are usually extremely rich and wonderfully ornate. Many of the landscapes are fantastic, and even when strictly speaking they are utterly naturalistic, the landscapes often emanate special qualities such as eternal presence, divine bounty, or pristine meaningfulness. And then, when the visions lead one upwards, to the realms of the planets and beyond, what one sees can be utterly stupefying. Not infrequently a point is reached when the marvel is such that one feels that what is presented before one is overwhelming and that its scrutiny is beyond the grasp of one's human cognitive faculties. In the literature, the word 'ineffable' is often used, marking the limitedness of language. At times, however, one also experiences the limitedness of one's mind and one's heart. Especially powerful visions may impress one as being totally beyond one's mental reach. On such occasions, one feels that what one sees is too wondrous to be grasped and one finds that one's mind simply cannot contain the marvels revealed to one. In extreme cases one may feel it is too painful to watch what the visions present it is all just too sublime, above and beyond the realm of the human.

Having said all this, let me also note that what may be seen in Ayahuasca visions is, in principle, unbounded essentially, there is no limit to it. The unboundedness pertains to both the types of content seen and to the tokens (that is, specific instantiations) of these types. With respect to the types, let me cite what, on two different occasions, I have been told by two very experienced drinkers. Checking whether they had seen the various items on my structured questionnaire, these informants answered in the affirmative for all items queried. Doing this, they smiled and said 'Well, you see, I have seen everything.' With respect to the tokens, the unboundedness manifests itself in people never seeing the same vision twice.

I say this both on the basis of my own experiences with Ayahuasca and the repeated observations of many other individuals; no one has ever reported a case that counters this generalization. The generalization holds even though there are many items that are especially common in Ayahuasca visions. In terms of their type, the items seen do exhibit various patterned regularities, but the tokens associated with these content types display unbounded variation. Thus, I have seen palaces and interior decorations thereof many, many times; yet, each vision of these was totally novel not even twice did I see the same building or decoration. Coupled with the fantastic nature of the contents of the visions and their extraordinary magnificence, I find this state of affairs to be truly remarkable.

In sum, all things imaginable and non-imaginable can be seen with Ayahuasca. One can see all the moments of one's life, all the people and places that one knows, Nature and the Cosmos in all their manifestations, human history and the different cultures that it has and has not produced, and scenes that lead one above the planet, to the far reaches of the cosmos, to the heavens. One can see the inner parts of one's body and the deeper strata of one's soul, one can encounter the infinite richness of myth and fantasy, meet fairies and dragons, angels and devils, taste the nectars of the Eternal, be washed by the bounty of the Supreme Good, witness the perennial light, encounter the Divine.
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In relation to the healing potential of harmaline ascribed to above:

I was particularly fascinated by the story Naranjo gave of the patient with the compulsive character on page 216 of the attached 1st paper "Naranjo_clin_tox" from 1969. Apparently, the patient was given harmaline by mouth, and worked his way through 5 years of depression and anxiety to immerge problem free after the session in which he visualized a Nun who turned into a "stark naked with a beautiful body and large breasts and wide hips".

He gave a long dialogue of the visual story he witnessed with eyes closed to Naranjo about the Nun's conversion to a naked rebel.

His depression, anxiety, and fear of others had disappeared. His violence, too, diminished gradually within 3 more months, without further psychotherapeutic aid. The session with harmaline was like a fairy tale, (quite un-related in it's superficial appearance) to his life and problem, yet it allowed him to immerge problem he had been in 5 years of psychiatric treatment before the session.
You may remember me as 69Ron. I was suspended years ago for selling bunk products under false pretenses. I try to sneak back from time to time under different names, but unfortunately, the moderators of the DMT-Nexus are infinitely smarter than I am.

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In this report from erowid, which also appears in TIHKAL under "harmaline" we get a sense of the type of dream-like visions from harmaline (Ayahuasca type visions) on it's own and the vitamin L combo he mentions in the report which brightens up the same visions at low harmaline doses:


One of the central characteristics of the state is a sense of flight to distant places. I imagine myself traveling to strange places, which more often than not involve animals, lush tropical plants, and people. Yet despite the very convincing and absorbing nature of these fantasies, there is no clouding of awareness -- in a split second I can be back in my body and rationally assess and respond to a situation (modulo the impairment caused by the visual distortion and vertigo). Thus harmaline stands apart from the deleriants and dissociants.


For a description of harmaline imagery I recommend reading the chapter 'Yage and Harmaline' in Peter Stafford's Psychedelic Encyclopedia. The descriptions therein correspond closely to my experiences with Peganum Harmala used without additives.

I remember traveling to jungle-like places, full of imagery of vines, fountains, and animals. Minutes seemed like hours as I roamed in these spaces. Though the sensory effects were very disturbing when I got up, given high dose level, I could easily ignore my body when laying down and traveling in my mind.

session 4 (by a FOAF):

(This experience combined a moderate dose of P.H. extract with a moderate dose of vitamin L.) This experience was powerfully energizing. Though much less expansive and fluid than a pure L experience, I was much more connected to my animal nature. The most distinct thing I remember was undergoing a biological regression back to a reptilian stage. I became a scaled lizard, and felt the accumulated biological knowledge of eons of evolution surging through me. This was accompanied by a sense of gigantism.

Benny Shanon covers all the types of Ayahuasca visions in his book "Antipodes of the Mind."
You may remember me as 69Ron. I was suspended years ago for selling bunk products under false pretenses. I try to sneak back from time to time under different names, but unfortunately, the moderators of the DMT-Nexus are infinitely smarter than I am.

If you see me at the waterpark, please say hello. I'll be the delusional 50 something in the American flag Speedo, oiling up his monster guns while responding to imaginary requests for selfies from invisible teenage girls.
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