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Good Morning, everyone.
I was able to finally grow some nice 5MeO DMT crystals.
I was surely hoping for some larger ones, though mainly interested how they would crystallize, which form they would be compared to NN DMT. Maybe I repeat this in the future. I guess the solvent was over saturated that's why so many small xtls formed.

So I used 1gr. of this grey 5MeO DMT freebase:

This was dissolved in warm Petroleum Ether ("Wundbenzin"Pleased, medical grade.
Due to the impurities sticking to the molecules this is quite a task.
The guy I got the new 5M batch from "bulk freebased" 5M oxalate and this resulted in this greyish dry freebase, with a very strange texture. It's still 95% 5MeO DMT though.

The solvent was then kept at room temp for a day and then around 10degrees in my shroom lab for another five days until all of the solvent was fully evaporated.
I used two layers of cling foil, so I was able to have this very slow evap but therefore zero Oxide was building up. The result was not oily yellowish in any way.

Scraped up crystals:

And while still being in Solvent:

And then final results in glas bowl:

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