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Hi, I not yet tried this substance and I just wanted to make sure I have everithing clear on how to act with this substance, and furthermore collect the information I researched.

Type of LSA source

You can just get pure LSA(if you get it this way skip next point) aldo it is really unlikely. The most probable source of LSA is Morning Glory seeds or HWBR. In this text I am going to talk on only about HWBR. Anyway there are various of strains, each one with different intensity. In my case I have Madagascar which is extra strong. So be carefull on the dosage and start low.

LSA preparation

Taking LSA seeds is something really unlikely since it can cause extreme nause, puke and other side simptoms that can be easily isolating the LSA. There are many ways lots of thems listed in this own site, each one with his pro and con. In my opinion the two strongest ones are the one with solvent and the garlic clove one. The first one is good to isolate the compound alone with extreme purity(for this is usually use in the manufactur of lsd, however LSA is not commonly use. But we will talk about another day) however is difficult to dose and expensive. The garlic glove does not extract only LSA but gets some alkaloids along with it however not many and it still keeps nausea away. It is the best option for me, since it is eassy and cheap.


Oral Ipomoea violacea Seed Dosages
Light 50 - 100 seeds 1.5 - 3 g
Common 100 - 250 seeds 3 - 6 g
Strong 250 - 400 seeds 6 - 10 g
Heavy 400 + seeds 10 + g

Oral H.B. Woodrose Seed Dosages (by # of seeds)
Threshold 1 - 4
Light 3 - 6
Common 5 - 8
Strong 7 - 12
Heavy 12 +


Always start low


This is something that not many people is talking about this, and many people who tried this substance learned the hard way. Vasoconstriction can cause extreme pain in the legs, arms and articulations that can lead into difficulty to move. To avoid this we need a vasodilatator. In my opinion the best one is ginkgo biloba. Easy obtainable, cheap, and with not many side effects. However, the dosage is something I could not find. However I think it is around 125 mg before the trip and other 125 mg in the middle (3h in)

Set and Setting

Not many to say here


Before taking this substance you should fast for 4-6h

Hope it is usefull. Is everithing right? please correct me if I am wrong so people get informed. This is a very difficult substance to know about, since most of the people who talk about the effects(psychesubstances, drugslabs) don't talk about some of this things

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