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I was alone at the house Saturday night. Took the opportunity to indulge in some mushrooms. I decided to take 21g fresh in a tea (2.1g dry equivalent). Idea was to just have a relatively low dose and have some recreational fun.

So... I first made a ginger tea and added some lemon balm from the garden which has been coming back this spring. To this tea I added the chopped up mushrooms and crushed them for 10 minutes with a potato masher in the warm water. After that I filtered the mushies out and added a touch of honey. The liquid had turned a very dark color because of released spores.

I drink it up and get on the nexus chat. I start feeling the tea inmediatly. It's sooo strong. I stay on chat as long as I can but after an hour or so I'm really getting deep into the mushroom world. I get up to check the scale, did I mess up the units? Nope it is set up to grams. I see these 3D statues appearing in my house. They look Mayan and are made out of some kind of wire grid and they are hollow. I'm like what is going on, never seen this before even with 7g of mushrooms.

So I start to worry cause this is not what I was planning. I just tell myself, if you want to worry fine l, go ahead but you won't have as much fun. Whatever happens is going to happen, you are in it and that's were you are going to be for a few hours. If you want to enjoy it, it is up to you but either way is fine.

That calmed me down a bit. I could see the fabric of stuff which was disconcerting. It's this fractal space between things, kind of like an impersonal math God. Ominous but interesting.

Then something cool happened. I had music going on my phone which was kind of background noise. Then big bottom girls from queen came on. I never thought much about that song, but at that moment it really lifted my spirits. It made me want to dance. I started laughing like crazy. I said... um... OK let's DO This. So I try to get YouTube on the big TV downstairs connected to the surround sound. It was a struggle LOL, but eventually got it to work.

The song started playing and I got into dancing. Not just any dance, I could feel the music down to every fiber of my being. I was barefoot and my feet feel nice against the wood floor. I oculd tap my feet and made beatiful sounds going with the music. I was filled with joy and happiness and appreciation for everything. It was so intense all I could do is dance and laugh. Never in my life have I danced like that. I also had the fire on and it was all so beautiful. When I looked at the music video I could not tell what was concert lights and open visual lights. I laughed cause I realize the disco ball is just trying to recreate OEVs for the sober people (if that makes sense).

After a bunch of primal dancing I was able to get back on chat and have a great landing with friends. Thank you for being there.

Not at all what I expected. I think I have some kind of reverse tolerance to mushrooms now.

It was amazing. God, music, friends. What else can one ask for? Thank you for being there nexus.

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What a great experience! Mushies can throw you a curveball, but I love how you calmly thought things through and determined that worrying made no sense. Sounds so simple but when you're in the soup, things are not always so straightforward. Way to remain centered!

Thanks for posting this, Loveall. Glad you had a great time. And thanks for bringing a smile to my face when I needed one. Thumbs up
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Thank you for sharing about your trip with us Loveall. Sounds like you had a good one. Queen, what a great band. Brian May has tone for days he can really make it sing. I want to see the film they recently put out, Bohemian Rhapsody. It's on my watch list.
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Haha what a cool trip report! In bad times I had a similar thing happen to me with Queen's Good Old Fashion Lover Boy...while that Love of My Life is such a downer...
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Queen made a lot of realy great songs. They where some very talented musicians.
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Thanks guys. Today I was thinking of this trip and the dancing. I realized that if you look at a mushroom upside down it can look like a fat bottom girl.

I smiled at this realization. He he.

I'm grateful at everything the mushrooms have given me. We are so lucky to have them.

Spread the love Smile
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Fresh shrooms are potent! I usually eat the flesh, even if I make a tea.

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Thanks for the trip report Loveall, it made me smile. I'm glad to see I am not the only one who loves that song.
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