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#1 Posted : 3/21/2019 12:57:09 PM
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Hi everyone.
A few questions.

Can someone ID this grass. Grows in mozambique. Is it safe to do an extraction?

" alt=""/>

Another thing is, here I'm surrounded by senna siamea and Delonix regia trees every year they prune the trees. And I see a lot of bark going to waste. I know they are not mimosas nor acacias. I can't find any info on them. Has anyone tried an extraction on them? Are they safe?

And another thing... I found this site that has quite a nice list of our flora I could search for this babies ant try extractions on them. What I whant to know is if it where you where would you start. Heard of the Nilotica but we have a few that look just like it and I'm starting to learn to ID them.

Mimosa list:

Acacia list:

Maybe something could be intresting here:

Thanks in advance.


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