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Hello All.

This is my fisrt experience with DMT and also my first post ever in any forum.

I am 215 lbs, 6'2" tall. I have had plenty of experience with the other "allies" or psychadlics,such as LSD,Psilocybins,and mescalin.My first experience was mesaline.Im not sure of any dosage,as I was a teenager...reckless and wild.
Being reckless and wild, I soon started diving into opioids and benzodiazepines.Not heeding any of the warnings or much less doing any kind of preparations or research into what these two substances are or their addictive properties.As many who have had any experiences with these,I was left in a soul crushing world of hurt.All the while,straying away from psycadellics. Addiction makes us blinded to the real joys.
Fast fowarding...My son was born and that experience cleaned my act up very quickly. Thats also a story for another time.
I have been researcing DMT for almost 2 years.Reading books and listening to otheres experiences.
Had heard the phrase "you wont find it,it finds you" over and over again. With some genuine patience,I found this to be so true.
Found myself with some spice..I read and asked many,many qustions. Could not have come together better...again..patience truly is a virtue.
A buddy and myself (BTW, always have a buddy present the first few time because things like "pipe", "hands" and "fire" will become inconceivable) created a very nice setting.Low music,dim lights, and NO outside interferences. We decided I would go first having been more experienced. I put 2 screens in the bottom of a glass pipe,some dried mint 20 mgs of spice, more dried mint on top.This is the sandwich method.Also note* This is with raw spice, a more yellowish waxy color and an unconventional smoalking method.The spice was also aged and had been left in some high temperatures. Thus the high dose.
We light up a lighter and created a cherry on the top layer of mint.I could hear the spice start to "sizzle".I had done some breathing exercises for lung expansion.
Eyes were open,still holding, everyting in the room started to pulse and take have more depth,while edges became shaper.I remember thinking ,wow this is soooo different from the other allies.
Held it in until I could hold no longer.Exhaled.My eyes automatically closed.zoooooom!
As if in milliseconds, I was in a space I can only articulate as ultra dimensional wallpaper.There was this childlike alien hiding behind kind of Japanese cloud art.He would peak up over the clouds and gesture "Hey,watch this"! And throw a ball at me that would expand into millions of geotmetric patterns. Each pattern was infinite. After each ball was thrown he would again gesture, "yeah!you like that?watch what else I can do!." And then throw another.He was very giddy.Just as I was.
My eyes opened with the most intense visuals I have ever experienced. Temple like cities were springing up out of evey nook and cranny.The shadows from the candles were like rivers flowing through the cities. All of these temples would rise and fade with the low bass instrumental music thatbwas playing.
The visuals and feeling of "oh my dear lord,what was that?" faded quite fast.
Again having an not so sure quality of spice and an unconventional smoking method,im sure a lot was wasted .Which led into my next grand experience...rougly an hour later.

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Welcome to the nexus.

First of all, just curious, this is your first post ever? And you are already a full nexus member? How did you do this? Can’t imagine someone voting for anyone without at least a short introduction and some information.

Your report is worth reading Smile.

Be patient. Everything comes to you in the right moment.
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Thanks! Yes, it is my first post ever in any forum.I have never been much of an internet person.I was voted in after meeting some members criteria in conversations and attitude. When I became a member,I had yet to do the introduction essay.Upon membership, my "new topic" icon is no longer available in the Welcome Area. I would very.much like to post one as I want to contribute in anyway,shape, or form to this site. I decided to post here as it seemed natural because it is the spice that brought me to the site in the beginning. I would like to know if I can post an introduction and essay and if a mod could put it under the correct forum.Thank you for your reply, any help would definitely be appreciated!Thank you!

Btw..our imaginations are sometimes the best teachers.smiley face.
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Roughly an hour later.

My buddy was of course very courious as to what I had just been through. I asked him to take a walk with me so I can gather my thoughts and give a genuine answer.We walked for about 20 minutes alongside a river.The only light was the moon bouncing off the water and illuminating the forest.

Yet I felt more aware of my surroundings.I could hear the water rustling over the rocks.Every trinkle was amplified. I could hear the late night winds winding their way trough every dancing leaf high up in the trees. When the base of the trees bark were exposed to the light, each crevice had a deeper depth.

It was similar to past experiences with LSD,Psilocybin,and Mescalin.But different at the same time. I was explaining to buddy everything I posted in the first session.We return to my house.

Set and setting: The basement of my house which was properly prepared for with respect to the spice experience.Candles on top of cedar tree trunks arranged in a semi circle. A very comfy reclining chair which the trunks were semi surrounding. Hung dark brown sheets along the walls to cover an exposed water heater,as we did not want too many mecahnical object's visually present. Small spaeaker placed on top of a of another log of cedar. It was about 11 pm now so it was dark except for the candles.

Mind: I was very relaxed. Completely comfortable. I was in my own house and was completely "at home".After the previous session , any fear I had established about the pre conceived notions I had obtained through my reading and studies about DMT were dissolved rather quickly.I had came to realise that fear is only that,fear. It was more of a respectful fear,know that Inthink back on it.

Body: I am moderately active and was recently getting back into exercise. Breathing exercises and routine meditation before sleep. For about 3 weeks prior,I had only rice and root vegetables for lucnch and dinner 5 days out of the week.Only protiens were raw tuna and salmon twice a week.During this day however, I did not eat anything at all and only drank water.

SOUL: Again, patience is a great teacher.

Back in the setting,my buddy decided it was not for him.And being a good buddy,I respectfully agreed.

Dose: I emptied out the bottom layer of burned mint,cleaned pipe and followed the same procedure as in aforementioned smoalkimg method. Although this time I doubled the amount of spice,seeing how the first session was "getting my toes wet".

Being a good buddy my buddy is he just wanted to help and observe.Such a good buddy.Thank you buddy!.

I sat back in the chair.Now this time I was more relaxed and patient. We barely touched the lighter flame to the top layer of dried mint. Taking small, short inhales to get a higher heated cherry on the top layer.Once i started hearing the spice sizzle.I exhaled and slowly inhaled.i reached my lung capacity, and cover the cherry to try to keep it from buring what spice was still there.Hold, Hold, Hooold,Hoooolld.Exhaled. Visuals kicked in again,automatically, but I could "feel" did not get the most of the spice. Buddy being the good buddy he is had taken the pipe out of my hands.Buddy knew also we did not get the most of the spice. He held it up to my mouth and light the lighter.I tryed my best to focus the flame to create another blazing cherry.This was hard to do as everything in my vision was pulsing and vibrating,taking on sharper edges.I remember being even moare patient with the heat and inhaling this round.Spice REALLY started to sizzle. I held in as long as I could,while seeing smoalk billowing from my nostrils.

Hold,hold, hooold,hoooooooolllllldddd.hhhhoooolllllddddd, exhale,

My last memory of my physical body was my lips quivering while I took in the last inhale that seemed like was the longest breath I have ever taken in my life.

It was more than instantaneous this time.I was immediately projected through the ultra dimensional walllaper to a space filled with all types of "entities" (for lack of a better term).

The fisrt childlike alien was there at fisrt,gesturing "I TOLD YA SO"!.Then quickly went away.I was in the presence of grand faces that took on so may geometric forms.There was one at the bottom of this space who I could feel was kind of toying with me.It was shooting up white flames that would dissipate into molecular bonding structures. I remember not to give this one too much attention as what was going on more on the upperside of this space was more intriguing, inviting.

These grand faces would spew,sing,hum,puke, out from them the same kind of molecular structures, that would dissipate into symbols,codes that were like hieroglyphs .Each symbol had what seemed like some kind of untapped,ancient knowledge.

They each were like a spiraling galaxy pushing their way towards me so they could individually have a turn a spewing out these symbols unto me. I could sense more mature gestures now.More like "yes,breath,see,still,be,here".These are only gestures though.Not actual words.

I then felt a connection back to my body.Only to inhale and feel my lips quiver again.

The spewing of codes,data,symbols became more and more.I felt I could understand them at that point,but dor that point only.

I remember taking another breath.Then another.I was being reconnected with my body,but I never felt I had truly left it to begin with.Was more as if my body was my homebase still in communication with the entire time.Only lost transmission for some duration.

My eyes opened to see the same hindu-like temples present after the first session, but waaaayyy more intricate. The low bass music that was playing followed me along and grounded me.I am very grateful for it. It acted as a propeller and an anchor. More rivers this time flowing through with even more depth.

I remember looking over at buddy. He seemed to have an exact account for everything that had just happend.It was a deep connection.I gave him a hug and said "thank you". I remember him saying "no problem, brother.So what happend?" I asked to have a minute to colloect myself as the visuals were subsiding. Buddy respectfully agreed. Once I got my feet on the ground, we walked alomg the river again. Even brighter than ever.And I attempted to explain everything I attempted to explain in this post.

Thank you for reading and I hope this can help someone in any way.Please understand that this is the best I can articulate my first DMT experience in the most genuine way, avoiding any exaggeration. Exaggeration would never do this any justice.
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