Exsperienced best e liquid setups for dmt in vapes Options
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So I have been on this topic awhile and I have found some amazing very affordable vape setups that work wonders. Vaperesso NRG tank with a standard swag box. The nrg tank uses various ceramic coils they are high quality and work great. They also produce breakthroughable hits especially if you rip it once or twice be careful. I dissolve around 2.8 grams of white dmt in strait of liquid and that fills the tank just about. 1 ml to 1 gram dmt ratio you will end up with like 1.8 ml of juice or less so around 2.5 grams plus 2.5 ml of pg liquid will fill it. I cannot recommend this setup enough you can buy the entire thing including the exact coils you need for 45 dollars far superior to the vapor genie witch I have set aside. The same company vaperesso also sells a ccell type of pen cakes the orca again this is a wonderful setup perfect for stealth and on the go use. It's basically the same type of catriged you will find in standard ccell weed oil carts. The premium brand of these carts should be ccell brand is also recommended they all use the same technology. Basically when vaping dmt liquid you want a ceramic coil and a good one they are one tank use tho and should be discarded after the tank is done. I will not be checking this topic most likely but if you are looking and searching like I was look no further. This is tested many many many times by myself personally you want to set the wattage to around 33 on the vaperesso swag box mod the Nrg Tank is what you want with any of the ccell ceramic coils the ones with the lower resistance like the gt8 will work better but the ccell coil works great to and comes standard in the starter pack.Thumbs up

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