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As above said. . . ... but why you dont see me eating popcorns? Cause theres ALOT.

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dragonrider wrote:
xrrv wrote:
Actually, I already know that the abyss or hell is coming for some time now. I just wanted to start one last line of defense with this thread. Maybe I did not want to believe myself what is inevitable - hell.

I am not a troll or the devil. I am a human being just like you are. Don't blame me for the abyss. It is not my fault that it is coming.

Look at the world. It is a crazy place. Wars, holocaust, poverty, perversions, environmental pollution, starving children, overpopulation...the list of problems goes on and on. In fact, there are mountains of problems. Such a place as earth can only exist close to the hells of this universe. Hell is nearby, that is for sure. This world must be close to the suffering section at the bottom of the universe. There is a general regression in this world. It is all going down. Everything is decaying here.

The coming hells of this universe will last for an eternity - almost. It will feel like "forever" until this period of intense suffering is over. It will basically be like it never ends. It will end someday, but the time period is unbelievably long. One hell will be followed by the next and that is why there is no time to rest. The times of quietude will be over quite soon. Every existence which follows from here on will be progressively worse until there is nothing else but intense suffering only.

Time is running out for us. We are located close to the abyss and it is coming relentlessly.

But why trying to do anything about it, if everything is already predetermined anyway?

Also predetermined. Cool
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