The Mushroom Man (1996) Documentary on R Gordon Wasson & mushrooms Options
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A documentary here that just came to my attention via a fellow psilonaut friend that may be of interest to some Nexians...I'm surprised this escaped my attention until now. It looks into the backstory of R Gordon Wasson and his encounter and subsequent involvement with psychedelic mushrooms, and features many psychedelic luminaries, many of them no longer with us.


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Thanks (and thank your friend!) for the recommendation Thumbs up
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Yes, thank you Bancopuma this was an awesome video.

The cameos are awesome and you even get to see Trickster make an "apearence" around the 11:00 mark Razz
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I was reading Reddit for sources on medieval or early use of mushrooms and found the author, but mentinoing only A. Muscaria. This thread comes up when searching for 'Wasson'.

My initial hypothesis was that mushroom use was associated with witchcraft, but it seems the severity of religious persecution at that time can make the mushroom use more or less irrelevant. One could have experienced serious ramifications in public perception just for being associated with the wrong people or art or literature.

Altogether, I did minimal research on the author, but it seems he is one of the few good sources for early use of psychedelics.
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