Rick Doblin discusses compass Options
#1 Posted : 12/7/2018 11:49:31 AM
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My apologies if this article has already been posted.
Interesting read



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#2 Posted : 12/9/2018 10:17:21 PM

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Thanks for posting that. While I too am wary of Compass, I feel that Rick answered the questions thoroughly enough to make the process and the decisions of MAPS seem sensible.

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yes, i echo those sentiments; thanks for posting this - i might have otherwise missed it.
i doubt it will quash many of the voices saying that "all corporate influence is bad", or the like, but i felt that Rick's perspective helps illustrate some balanced thinking on these matters.

companies like Compass and others may stir up reactions and emotions but i feel strongly that bringing these medicines' safety, efficacy and potential into the light can only help in the long-term.

taking baby steps, i believe, is better than either giant, ill-advised steps or no steps at all.

#4 Posted : 12/10/2018 8:49:01 AM
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I feel it's rational and logical to gather information from a range of sources, including varied (and oppositional) opinions, before formulating my own opinion on a matter.

Sadly with this saga, articles that I had read, and social media feeds, were all pushing one view point. So it was nice to read an article pushing the counter argument. Refreshing.

To me it appears this website is home to many with an above average intelligence. It would seem bizzare that controversial topics are not discussed and debated at the nexus, on the grounds of a range of opinions and as many facts as possible.
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Cant read this atm... Does Rick Doblin talks about the fact that Compass got exclusive rights to a psilocybin source which blocked other research groups from doing their thing, as well as getting patents for therapeutic use which will reduce the amount of people having final access to the medicine? If so, how does he justify it?

I have only been superficially following this whole Compass issue, but from what Snozz was describing, the patenting, exclusive supply and blocking other groups seemed to be the main concern which showed its not really about "bringing these medicines to mainstream to help others".

And if Rick Doblin didn't mention this key aspect, then I'd prob consider this a simple PR move and be very mindful of drawing conclusions based on what he says.
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He does address it, basically saying Usona had access to Onyx for GMP psilocybin all along, and didn't opt to request it till after the exclusivity agreement was signed with Compass. He leaves a big questionmark as to whether Usona will be able to acquire their own source for GMP psilocybin.

It's a pretty quick read, I'd recommend giving it a look if only to flesh out a bit more perspective on where MAPS (officially) stands in this whole situation.
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#7 Posted : 12/10/2018 4:45:56 PM

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dreamer042 wrote:
...till after the exclusivity agreement was signed with Compass...
Exclusivity is aimed to boycott/stall competition. This gives a bitter irony to all that wishing-well he does to Usona and the likes.
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