Harmala solubility, acid/base Options
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Success. Cool

Brief report.

What I changed:
I’ve been dosing harmala hcl a lot and was thinking instead of thinking when I feel it the harmalas are in full effect it’s time to add the other component, I should aim for right before they’re in full effect. Since the maoi has to be in your stomach it does you no good if it’s already out of your stomach and in your blood. Also instead of capsules I diluted it in a shot glass of liquid figuring it will be able to “paint” what it is shutting off in your stomach better in that form than in dry crystal form.

Anyone think those two changes made a difference? I strayed a little with the thread topic but maybe someone will come along looking for something and learn a tidbit they didn’t know they wanted to learn.

Thanks again for the feedback guys.Thumbs up

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Asher7 wrote:
Oh ok that’s good to hear, I was worried it may kick off a high blood pressure migraine or something similar which I imagine would be terrible amplified my harmalas etc. It looks like a good bit settled around the outside so I just tossed that and kept the solid chunk. I’ve yet to taste to get an idea of how salty but I diluted the plate leftovers in a shot of water and it wasn’t overly salty so I think you’re right when you say it’s not a problem causing amount.

I stored 90% as fb out of convenience and switched over 750mgs to hcl for an allergy test/oral ingestion. Is this similar to what I’ve read about other extracts where hcl stores better overtime? Fb compacts down much tighter which is nice. Chances are if it doesn’t go bad in 7-8 months it will be fine either hcl or fb I would think.

And the book idea is perfect, I noticed I could scoot it around and the “fibers” would hold it together so I’ll take your advice next batch and press it between some weights.Thumbs up

I guess there’s no putting it off any longer, start with 50mg and see what happens? Then jump to 100 and then jump in 25mg increments? Sounds responsible.

I have some freebase that is 3 yrs old and still plenty good. I do 30mg sublingual before i smoalk. Just keep it airtight cool and dark. I have dmt that is 4yrs old and still good.
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Update summary:

200mg harmala hcl in capsule.
1 hour later (whoops) 50mg spice in capsule.

Nothing for about an hour. It took twenty minutes when diluted in tea so no more capsules. After an hour sleepy and somewhat (sadish?), mopey, just gonna lay down and think. It wasn’t until afterward I realized, it hit me pretty well but it was all body and thought, no sparks and fireworks. Thought about my dad and what an absolute blessing it is to have the family I do. At one part I couldn’t understand how people hold it together day to day knowing this “flaw” that is death is hanging over us no matter what.

Then got thoughts about the different transfers between prebirth, birth and finally bodily death take place. How the reason babies scream is because coming here was a sad day, we had to become physical and therefore susceptible to a death as a result of needing to “clearing up” our spiritual death.

Essentially the default headspace whe have serves a purpose but not beyond this world. Don’t fret, after our next leap, well be running a different program than the primate human.

All in all a good reminder. I don’t see how I’ll ever “breakthrough” because I seem to get a good reminder with a small dose but the load is too much. Even last night I was thinking “this is just not enjoyable” even though those reminders are like ice water in the desert. Vaped is much worse than oral, changa reminds me of salvia in it’s beginning effects and my body knows a massive dump of adrenaline is on the way when it smells that. I think and hope over time I’ll be able to get in there with the oral roa and then maybe it’ll be where the changa shines brightest.

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