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Let's say you took 200mg of harmalas and 100mg of DMT orally and a few hours later you took another 50mg harmala/50mg DMT. Would you get another 3-4 hour trip? I wonder what dose you would need to take in order for the trip to keep steady. Anyone have experience with this?

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acolon_5 wrote:

Do you have any experience with taking more crystal after deciding ´you are not where you want to be´ ? I mean, say, 2 hours after dosing, is the maoi still active enough to take more crystals or should one dose again more maoi?

what about in a couple more hours after that, if one wanted to lengthen the experience, what should one do, take more maoi (and in that case, how much? same dose as before, like 3,5g rue, or less, or..?) and then again wait a bit and then take the dmt?

Oh yes, I would frequently redose until my desired level of activity was reached. I usually take a little more rue extract or caapi brew when redosing. I usually would start with 150mg spice 200mg harmine OR 30-40grams potent White Caapi vine. Boosters followed ever 45minutes following 50mg spice + 50mg rue extract OR swig of concentrated caapi brew. After a while of this I would total around 350mg spice + a lot of MAOI's Still the fully experience would only last 4.5 hours for caapi and a little longer if I was using the rue. However, if one is waiting longer then 2 hours or so, a stronger dose of both spice + MAOI's may be necessary. Rue lasts longer than Caapi as a general rule.

Hope that helps.
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by redosing with pharma you can effectively trip for days.. no tolerance if anything reversed tolerance..
careful tho this does tend to induce schizophrenic like symptoms if pushed too far.. IME
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