Have a mix of water and Naphtha in the freezer, will this effect the outcome? Options
#1 Posted : 11/8/2018 9:40:46 PM
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Hey am currently in the process of freezing and have a had a couple problems along the way which I'm unsure will effect the outcome. I started 3 days ago with 1l deionised water, 20g soda crystals, 100g mimosa hostilis and 20ml Naphtha. I believe that I heated the mix to much and also once added the Naphtha shook more violently than I should, other than that I followed the steps by the book so those was the only issues. I waited for the layers to separate for 3 days as there was a large amount of muddy bubbles that were on top of the Naphtha layer but today just decided to take out the Naphtha to see what happens as I guessed I could always put it back in. I believe I got most of the Naphtha out but also some of the water below and currently have a brown mix of the two in my freezer. I've looked at some of the other answers for this but could get the answer I was looking for, so will this make a difference in the DMT crystals forming and what should I do with the water once it's frozen? Also will my mistakes make a huge difference? Will be doing another extractions from the aqueous layer I have left when I can and want to have a more seamless extraction process. I plan do try with my mate tomorrow so any advice is much appreciated.
Its definitely worth mentioning that this is my first time trying this.

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Heating the mixture too much and shaking the mixture violently are not going to ruin the process. Shaking violently is good and bad. Good in that the transfer of dmt to the naphtha layer is much more efficient and rapid. Bad in that it can lead to emulsions.

It sounds like you formed a nice emulsion which partially separated over 3 days. Then you separated the naphtha with some of the emulsion and stuck it in the freezer. Is this correct?

If so, you need to stop and separate the emulsion properly and completely. Do not allow the emulsion layer to be included in your naphtha, and therefore in your product.

There are numerous threads and techniques for separating an emulsion.

Hope that helps.
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Yes, as leratiomyces says, that will not do at all!

One way of avoiding getting base soup into your freeze precipitation is to remove the naphtha via an intermediate vessel- a pyrex jug will do nicely - before carefully transferring the naphtha only into the freezing dish.

I suspect you pulled off emulsion with the naphtha because you wanted to recover as much of the naphtha as you could. Don't worry too much about naphtha remaining in the base soup, this can be largely recovered by doing more pulls from the same base soup. More smaller pulls are better than one big one.
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Don't freeze anything containing water, as the water/ ice will expand and your container (most likely glass) can brake and contaminate your freezer.
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Freeze only pure naphta. If you have some emulsion you can either warm it up and let it separate, add some more lye and water, or let it dry up completely, then mix it with some water and put it back in your water/ mhrb/lye mix and start again with nps extraction. A higher ph (more lye) will help avoiding emulsions.
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