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#1 Posted : 11/7/2018 11:16:21 PM

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Thank you!

Thank you for hosting such a wealth of knowlegdge and love in one place. I can't begin to describe how appreciative I am for everything this community is doing for the world, I love you guys.

Psychedelics... yes please.

I am and forever will be humbled and in awe by the power of psychedelics. I have been using them as needed for a little over 20 years. Dimitri is my King, Lucy is my Queen and together they have taught me a priceless amount of information that a human could never teach me. I feel these compounds exist for many reasons, as teachers, to remind us who we are, to remind us what really matters in life, and most importantly to love. Psychedelics have helped me become the person I am today, and I absolutely love it. I've NEVER felt more alive than the days following a nice session with with my royalty.

Flashback to 2010...
I had been a keen observer during a handful of STB extractions involving MHRB and understand the process fairly well. After discovering the method, I was able to try spice for the first time EVER at the age of 28. The yellow crystals were precipated out of naptha in the freezer. A small amount vaporized yeiled "crawling" walls for about 5 minutes. It was the most excited I'd ever felt in my entire life. Lots of experimenting was done over the next year or two, breakthru experiences just a hair away, then finally I "died" and things went on hold for a bit with Dimitri.

Fast forward to 2017...
Becoming spiritual again after healing from a stupid addiction stemming from chronic pain. Learning myself again and finding kindred spirits at a local bi-yearly festival. While at this magical land on private property, I found Dimitri once again. It was 9:00am on the last day of the festival after dancing with Lucy. I went up on the hill overlooking mountains as far as the eye can see just before the sun was about to peek over. I was then offered Dimitri. It was in a chillum pipe, unknown amount... so I gave it my best shot. The landscape came alive and it was glorius. The colors were cascading, the edges of everything were tearing, it was absolutely spectacular. AND it was absolutely different than any of my prior DMT experiences.

The time to be timid is over, I have officially opened back up to having Dimitri back in my life, and I think it's overdue.

Thanks for having me. I hope to contribute much!!

Smoalk moar DMT

Much Love

Trippy glass for trippy people.
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Interesting story, I.L.L., boots is glad to have you with us here Smile

Boots knows about addiction to substances used to treat pain, he spent a long long time getting himself off opioids. Not fun. Not fun to see someone else suffer through it, so boots hopes that I.L.L. will blast through to the place where such troubles are far away.
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