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#1781 Posted : 10/19/2022 6:08:08 PM

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Anna's Hummingbird
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" Enjoy every sandwich." - Warren Zevon
"No, they never did turn me into a toad." - Pete (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
"Are you a time traveller?" "No, I think I'm more of a time prisoner." - Nadia Vulvokov (Russian Doll)

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
Ice House
#1782 Posted : 10/20/2022 3:59:14 AM

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Ice House is an alter ego. The threads, postings, replys, statements, stories, and private messages made by Ice House are 100% unadulterated Bull Shit. Every aspect of the Username Ice House is pure fiction. Any likeness to SWIM or any real person is purely coincidental. The creator of Ice House does not condone or participate in any illicit activity what so ever. The makebelieve character known as Ice House is owned and operated by SWIM and should not be used without SWIM's expressed written consent.
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"Anonymous around the mouse, hyperspace black ops in my house,
A technical itch you can't ignore, viral like that magic spore,
Laced in life like a blockchain, special characters around my name,
They got game like Nintendo flow, it's always the same you will know,
I can't be pinned down like a Q-Bit, my architecture all neuromorphic,
On the roof if the internet had one, fire escape's fibre optic dragon." Onepacman
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