Could microdosing MDMA be the new method of treating treatment resistant depression? Options
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We all know about therapeutic use of MDMA on veterans who suffer PTSD and have treatment resistant issues.

The dose is obviously lower than the recreational, about half of that I think (somewhere between the 60-80 range?). This is however still a dose that produces noticeable psychoactive effects, and even that low there have been cases that some people in this study have reported a mild lowering of their mood in the days following the experiment.

It is not surely understood how neurotoxic MDMA actually is and if the damage caused is permanent or not. It has only been observed that excessive doses and too frequent dosing leaves some adverse effects that shows that something is going on with it there.

However, spaced out and in controlled therapeutic doses, doesn't show any noticeable adverse effects on humans, but we also know that the damage doesn't need to be obvious or noticeable to be there.

But this is not about even therapeutic doses, it is even lower than that. Microdoses.

There have been conflicting reports of personal experience but it's hard to judge what the long term effects of it are because people tend to have a different opinion on what microdoses are.

For some it's bellow the threshold effect, for others it is just at that level or a bit up.

I would like to know what the effects from true microdoses would be. Something in the range of just a few miligrams.

Traditional amphetamines at those dosages seem to have an opposite effect to high doses, instead of depleting dopamine levels and possibly damaging the neurons permanently. About 5-10mg of amphetamines seem to help create more dopamine receptors available, that means even after you stop using, the neurogenesis happened and you're producing more dopamine permanently which in turn could heal you from ADHD instead of just treating it. It produces a opposite effect than at threshold levels or high doses.

Morphine also, at low enough doses it makes you more sensitive to pain.

Cannabis too, at microdoses it increases the activity of the endocannabanoid receptors, instead of depleting it at recreational doses.

In the case of MDMA, it has a much higher affinity to serotonin and a more complex mechanism of action. I want to hear an opinion of a doctor, or someone who knows about this stuff more than I do. Could this be the next new treatment for depression? If so, at what doses? How frequently, daily or sporadically too?

Could it also be possible that MDMA is toxic just by itself and no matter the dose the body will have a toxic reaction to it?

Tell me what you think guys.

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Have you the Third Wave article?

One concern with MDMA is that it stays in your system for quite a long time (several days) and during that time, it continues binding to SERT and other receptor sites.

So the dose spacing need to be really huge to avoid buildup of the substance and depletion of key neurotransmitters.

That's just a hypothesis, I am not a neuroscientists.
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MDMA is not a psychedelic

its a serotonin and dopamine releasing agent.

You are going to seriously downregulate your serotonin receptors and it will leave you in a bedridden depression for weeks by the time you come off it.

Perhaps there is something to ocascional microdoses, maybe a few times a month, but everyday would surely cause problems.

I've used amphetamines in low doses, around 5mg, a couple times a week, but even then the rebound effects became apparent after some time... you can't cheat the system
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