How long to avoid adderall before ayahuasca? Options
#1 Posted : 7/3/2018 7:58:32 AM

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Hey everyone,

Ok, so I have severe adult ADHD, to the point of exponentially increasing the risk of car crashes when I don't take my meds. However, ayahuasca is one pf the methods of self-discovery I desire the most.

While I know a long retreat would be optimal for detox, I sadly don't have that option on the table. Thankfully, I have people who are well-connected and capable guides.

The main reasons I take my meds is because I'm going through uni for an eventual PhD and a post-doc at CIIS's Psychedelic Research program. It's my dream, but even my dream has busy work I'm not interested in.

But enough of my justifications, I just don't want people telling me to cease meds permane tly. I did that for 2 years and immensely regretted it academically and financially. So to the question: how long should I cease usage?

I know the elimination half-life is 34 hours max, and 4 days is what testing sites say is how long it takes until levels are undetectable. But I like my heart and brain, and I don't wanna risk it more than dextroamph does already. What's your recommendation?

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I think a safe period is when you stop feeling the effects of amphetamines.

Some might argue that you should at least wait 24 hours or even 3 full days, until it is completely out of your system.

I haven't felt any I'll effects with even taking ayahuasca and coca, or ayahuasca and caffeine at the same time. Then again, they are not amphetamines but they are still stimulants that raise your levels of MAO neurotransmitters, and a MAO inhibitor definitely potentiates them as it inhibits their breakdown.

If you aren't willing to risk any possible interaction whatsoever, I would suggest 3 full days. Yet again, a day or less probably won't kill you since you are taking your dose as prescribed (I assume) which isn't ridiculously a huge dose and it can be comparable in potency with a common dose of caffeine or coca which like mentioned before I personally haven't had any ill effects even when taking them at the same time.

One alternative you could do is get some shrooms instead. Shrooms do not posses any MAOI activity, yet psilocin is basicly a DMT molecule with a oxygen molecule bound to it. You could even smoke meth on shrooms and get away with it, not that you should however but you surely can.

They are not the same as ayahuasca, but they are quite similar, and I find the afterglow of a big shroom trip and an afterglow of ayahuasca (which is almost always a big dose) to be pretty pair on pair.

Another alternative is to smoke changa, it's effects are identical to those of ayahuasca only with shorter duration and perhaps smaller body load (never had a harmala heavy changa blend). People have been smoking it while on MDMA with no ill effects since because you are smoking it you need a smaller dose of both harmalas and DMT for more rapid and intense effects. We all know that combining MDMA with harmalas is the most dangerous combo one could ever make, but still with changa people got away with it just fine.

Hope it helps.
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AwesomeUsername wrote:
I think...

...Hope it helps.

AUN, please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not pointing a finger at you nor do i feel good or appropriate in policing post content of others, but you've been posting about your struggles with illicit drug use alot lately and have been asking questions that seem to indicate that perhaps refraining from offering advice along these lines to others may be the best course of action for you at the moment. At least until you get a better grasp of the solution to your own problems. Or if you do have info you'd like to share that you feel is helpful, letting the advisee know that you are indeed experiencing your own difficulties with self responsibility with drug use for transparency's sake. I'm sorry to come off as arrogant or sanctimonious, i only recognize the struggle in your posts because it reflects mine.

As for the OP, i am terribly sorry to have no pertinent info to offer. Peace and be good to you, the both of you.
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I appreciate the info, no matter how tenable. I'll prolly wait a week and it'll be fine <3
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