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Hey guys, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask this question, but does anyone want to be PM buddies? It's one thing to start and post in threads, but another to get to talk to someone basically face-to-face about Nexus stuff & everyday life - I've posted in this forum a bunch of times in the past, but it's actually a little isolating - like it just feels like there's a level of distance in threads - and I'd love to have some friends on the Nexus.

I love PMing and it's just a lot of fun to talk individually for a while instead of just a few comments in threads - and I mean for someone who doesn't post much in threads, it's hard to form connections at all and I don't think posting in threads helps (?).

Should I PM people first if a trip report or post clicks with me? Or is it just by chance?

Would that be creepy?

Like literally guys, how do you find friends on the Nexus or am I like totally clueless.




LOL for sure I sound pathetic.


But it's the truth.


So...yeah, let me know if this kind of thread is allowed (or dumb LOL) and if not, I'll totally have a mod delete it - I was just thinking a lot about silence today and like how disconnected things are even here (I mean is that normal for forums? Literally this is the only forum I use so I have no idea - and the Nexus is the only one that resonates with me so far - and I barely use the internet at all because I finished Google LMAO) and I'm like 'Somehow it has to go!' - it's rainy and peaceful and all of this just passed through my mind now...I love you all! Big grin

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Hey Nina - try the chat. The button is in the upper left hand corner. You can chat with many members and also open PM windows.

Make friends there and then PM them through the mail function. Smile


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That's a great idea - totally forgot about that. I've tried the hyperspace chat before and nothing really led anywhere, but I think I remember seeing there are other sections so I could have been in the wrong one for what I'm trying to find...I'll have to check it out again - there has to be a formula for this LMAO - like how does the community even form???


But yeah - the chat definitely sounds awesome.

That could be an awesome way to get to know some people - it always seems like there's just an already established group of friends on the Nexus LOL...totally the Illuminati.

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Hyperspace chat is def where all the action is. The forum is great for archiving good information for posterity (research, teks, great memes, etc) but to just get to know folks and have interesting off the wall conversations and real-time social interaction, chat is where it's @.
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Not to defer from Nexus-based chat, but I hang out in this progressive Psychedelic Discord server. We are a weird bunch, many of us neurodiverse of marginalized in some other way, self-medicating with entheogens and dissociatives:

Hope you're doing well Smile
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Dude, discord is TOTALLY amazing - I should have looked at more chat rooms! Razz
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storyteller wrote:
neurodiverse of marginalized in some other way,

My kind of folks!Thumbs up
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