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So a friend of a friend has followed Q21Q21 tek for his first extraction attempt and was able to collect a decent amount of fumarate crystals (slightly yellowish in color) He then decided to take an extra step before freebasing it, so he followed instructions by "namz" in this thread:
He heated up IPA to about 80C and then dissolved fumarate crystals in it and filtered solution through cotton and straight to freezer it went.. 24 hours later there was no fumarate crystals precipitation in IPA whatsoever. Please advise what went wrong and how he should salvage the crystals.

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It could be a few things.

First off, try leaving it for a few more days. In this exact crystallization I had no crystals in the first day, but after the 3rd day, The whole thing crystallized beautifully, leaving none left in solution.

Or, it could be your friend used too much IPA, in which, it will stay dissolved. Only way to recover it there would be evaporation, slow evaporation could leave you with nice crystals though.

Thirdly, it could be that your friends product in the extraction is not DMT fumarate. If its very impure, then it could be again you have too much IPA.

I would leave it for another day, if you still get nothing, then evaporate half of it, and stick it back in the freezer.
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It’s also possible that the ipa wasn’t really dry. IPA can pick up a fair amount of water from the air over time if not properly stored. The water can hold on to the salt. In this case evaporation will work too.

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IPA (lab-grade) re-x of fumarate never really worked for me. Much better is convert to freebase by NaOH, pull and re-x by hot heptane in one step and FASA it back.
For next extraction re-x with heptane befora FASA.
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Long time - cool to see people still using this - an important step which I seem to have failed to mention is drying the IPA with anhydrous magnesium sulfate or calcium chloride - filtering through a cotton before boiling just to ensure there is no water in the IPA. Also very important to ensure you are starting with 99% IPA and not 91% IPA or something less concentrated as fumarates are very soluble in water.

The good news is you can easily just evap this in a dish and try again - nothing is lost - it's just dissolved in your solution. It does take a while, but I would suspect you would see at least a cloudy solution after 24h.
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Thank you for all of the replies. He said that IPA was high grade %99.9 but who knows it might have absorbed some H2O. It also might be that he have used a bit too much of IPA. He well try to reduce it by half and stick it back in freezer for a few days hopefully this would fix it.
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