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Here is a list of life lessons its taken me over 20 years and the destruction and regeneration of my sanity and spirit to attain and understand in a manner which can be applicable for the benefit of any who understands them. All of this will be in my own words unless otherwise stated. Please reply with questions or comments and i would appreciate any additional life lessons from anyone else who wants to add them!

1. Beware preachers of half truths, for they taken to their logical conclusions will provide fallacies beyond measure.

2. Beware of desensitization within oneself and those around you. This often leads to crude and impractical perspectives which reduce or removes part of what makes us truly human.

3. Beware the conflation of pleasure, satisfaction, solace, fulfillment, and stability. All of these concepts are individual yet often are perceived to be or are treated as being related or entirely one thing. The conflation of these ideas often leads to the attainment of none of them, or at minimum the rapid dissolving of those which you already have.

4. Beware the falsities and impracticalities of nihilism and the many cancerous ideologies and sub-centers which stem forth from nihilism, such as hedonism. nihilism finds an outlet in hedonism and they propagate a never ending cycle of each other when taken to there logical extremes.

5. Beware self doubt. Self doubt has prevented more helpful creations from being given to humanity than almost any other concept known to man.

6. Take pride in your actions. For a man who does not respect his own behavior will find that his behavior encourages others to not respect him.

7. Avoid the entertaining of false weaknesses. For those who present others with unjustified feelings of suffering or oppression will find no relief in the words of another.

8. Take note that ignorance begets confusion more than it begets bliss. For a man ignorant of the ways of the society in which he lives will find a hard road ahead of him to success, or more likely none at all.

9. Yearnings for pleasures are emotional misunderstandings and are truly yearnings for solace. Make note of these yearnings and beware of the fact that many worldly pleasures diminish or even destroy solace.

10. One is best apt to lay his behavior like a brick path before him in his mind before preforming such behavior with his body. In doing so you will find greater stability in your demeanor/language/actions and less hesitation/nervousness.

11. Observe and appreciate the differences between the sexes. The conflation of males and females is a sign of severe instability and delusion. No natural cycle can be practically accomplished without this most basic of all understandings.

12. Observe how the routine of ones day effects ones thinking and behavior. Unhealthy routines beget unhealthy thinking which begets unhealthy behavior.

13. Become aware that in the most basic of terms a problem can only be fixed in one of two ways, it can either be ignored out of existence or it can be addressed and corrected/overcome. Only one of the two ways works for every problem known to man but never both.

14. Beware traits in those who have posed problems in the past so you are more likely to recognize and avoid the same traits in those you meet in the future.

15. Do not expect appreciations for your virtues but be wary of those who express resent and discontent when you are virtuous to them. Some men can only look at gifts while complaining that they arent bigger or better.

16. Destruction should not be perceived as a purely negative force for a gardener weeds out his garden so that it can grow in good health and likewise me must apply the same logic to our thoughts, behaviors, friendships and all things.

17. Acknowledge the malleable nature of human existences and likewise the unmalleable nature of it. In finding clarity between such concepts one is apt to promote positive growths and find deeper acceptance of ones flaws.

18. Value the undetermined nature of our futures and use the undetermined to ones advantage. From this can grow great solace.

19. Do not try and prove those who dislike you wrong for feeling as they do for even to succeed in such endeavors provides no advantage to either party.

20. Do not entertain yourself with impractical pipe dreams for they only lead to great frustration and sadness.

21. Those who are best educated find pleasure and even solace in the act of educating and being educated itself. For while a mass of ignorants considers education to be trying, abrasive and even trivial, the most educated of men have become as they are for their enjoyment and pride of such knowledge.

22. Knowledge and facts of knowledge are often found irritating and displeasing to those who wish to hide their own ignorance or those who wish to induce ignorance in those around them. But those who wish to be educated or acknowledge truth will find so such offense.

23. Observe what attracts you to specific individuals which you profess to hate. For he who constantly exclaims hate for another finds some inner reason to constantly reflect back to such thoughts.

24. Differentiate between generalized human tendencies, male and female tendencies, cultural tendencies and religious tendencies. Confusion of these concepts and conflating one for another has induced many a problem in our societies that can easily be avoided with clarity of mind.

25. Beware of the conflation of lust and love. Beware those who confuse their own inner desires. Many people love what they lust but very few lust what they love.

26. Those who promote their own growth likewise promote and acknowledge the need to remove that which is toxic to their own growth. sometimes the toxic thing can be something the person feels has redeemable qualities and thus they may not even identify it as truly being toxic.

27. The quality and consistency of the company one keeps seeps out into ones life even when one is alone. this takes the form of ideas, thoughts and behaviors that develop out of such relationships. in this regard the age old axiom "good in good out, bad in bad out" finds application.

28. The union of opposites is the bringer of the gift of life itself. All life and the energy that provokes all matter into being is at root caused by the union of opposites. Naturally opposites are designed to be complementary and it is strictly from the distortion and misappropriation of such things that we find opposites working against one another.

29. Those who violate a basic sense of human decency and respect, especially of newborn babies and those nearing death should not be expected to behave or react in a manner which is rightly called "human".

30. Know thyself and thy weaknesses. Weaknesses multiply in their detrimental effects when they are hidden from oneself, most often out of shame. Shame is an exacerbator of weakness. To overcome weakness find solace in your ability to strengthen yourself and make a point to work on overcoming such weakness.

31. When searching for a conclusion to something one of two routes must be taken, one must either attempt to prove or to disprove while avoiding any instances of outside influence upon ones own conclusion. Some questions/problems are better tackled by trying to disprove them while others are best trying to prove them. Either way the results are the same in every case unless some outside influence is allowed to interrupt the process.

32. Beware people who seek knowledge out of selfish desires. True wise men only seek the truth whether such truth benefits them or poses detriment. The wise know that the truth is always beneficial to those who know how to apply it even if the process of recognizing such truths is excruciating.

33. Beware those who bring nothing but promise everything. Such people are often hollier than thou and will project themselves as a privileged to behold.

34. Beware stagnance for it is the slow destroyer of man and works against the grain of mans true nature which is to propagate and build the world around him.

35. Those who return constantly to that which brings them suffering will find no salvation in the reanalysis or revision of it. Whether that thing in question is a person, place, thing or possibly a past they cant get over. The only way out is forward.

36. Seek not to resent those whom displease you, for resentment is like carrying broken a pocket watch, it serves no purpose.

37. Beware those who gain acceptance by promoting the slander of anothers beliefs, yet make no mention of what they themselves believe.

38. Beware shills and the systems they propagate. Such systems promote few benefactors and many victims.

39. Seek comfort in the natural order, for above all it is eternal and giving of great solace to those who respect it.

40. Do not wish for all things to be equal but accept all things for the individuality that they are. In nature nothing is made equal and the individuality of all things instills beauty within them. Beware the falsity of superiority and inferiority, for the inequality of all things does not result in a hierarchy of such design.

Ill post more soon Smile !!!
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Some of mine:

- It's okay to behave irrationally as long as you do it consciously.
- Truth will never hurt a relationship, it will only hurt yours or partner's illusions.
- Time is your most precious asset. Never waste it on anyone or anything not worth it.
- The real stuff doesn't need to be defended, it can take any pressure. Only ego constructs need defending. (thanks, Mr. McKenna)
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