Retaining Depths of Consciousness in the Normal Options
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My whole life since childhood has always been very depthful as far as seeing and visioning colourful things out side of our normal sight. Finding out extracting and indulging in to the enhanced perceptions of Dmt has really fine tuned my hypnagogic states to understanding more of what I see and also visualizing what I see in others in an un seen more complete way. It's kind of like when you know you know thing. When the entities or behind the wheels of others I can see them and they see that I can see them but this acknowledgment is eye to eye always with out words of course. I have an upcoming job do to at a mental facility I'm not really looking forward to. Also at will I can see the movements and depths in material things. How has Dmt enhanced your normal life?

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For me the uncertainty of what the experience really is, and the not-so-linearness of it, gave me a lot of intuition about perceiving things in a higher dimensional way, as literally and mathematically as it sounds. I also always liked to play with shapes in my head, visualization / imagination, since I can remember.

When I analyze an event for example (since our lives are fueled by the motion of events) I can visualize the causality mechanisms involved, these being partly psychological, physical, archetypal... and it all boils down to pattern recognition. I also like to imagine 'time slices' merge and form 4d time paintings.

This means I'm not as easily dragged into chaotic loops, and have a more overall balanced life, that when gets out of balance, I can exercise my own free will more easily to re balance it, and not wait for some miracle. It can be in my opinion a powerful mind workout tool, long term, if used properly.

There are totally unseen, more abstract things that are able to manifest themselves in our lives, and it takes a different kind of perceiving to understand them.
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I think the amazing part of being a conciouse being is that you can always re-attain who you are, and being such a fast changing being its easy to switch perceptions. On the other hand i believe it is important for myself to remain steadfast in decisions and keep persueing my goals, no matter in what dimension this 'Goal' might show itself, it keeps getting more difficult but obtainable non the less . When one see's through the visage of this worldly life that goes by so quick, its worth it to make it worth it no matter what the cost.
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It is interesting how mundane state consciousness reasserts itself, post mystic state experience. The intense sensibility that REALITY is actually generated, granted, given, moment to moment, from the "Source" is seemingly less tangible during non ASC.

Much of mytho-religious archetype is deeply informed by the visionary plant altered state. A bit of study reveals an ergonomic and useful template for organizing the EXPERIENCE had during the mystic state, thus providing a handy reference to use during mundane state life(most of existence).

Very briefly, an experience of, "minimal free will AND no separate self", can be had at peak mystic ecstasis. If one allows or desires, this insight can be useful informing the mundane, EGO OBSESSED, ordinary state. It may soften the attachment to the IDEA of, absolute ego agency and controllership through a perceived, linear, space/time continuum. At peak, the sensibility had(and transmitted through archetype) is of, time stoppage and ego-death.

This grants us an alternative mental model. One in which our, ego-selves and sense of time driveness, can be softened. Maybe, just maybe, the incessant winds of karma are not quite so absolute. Maybe, we're already exactly where we ought to be, nowhere, exactly as who we should be, nobody(in particular), at the perfect moment, always!

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