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Thanks everyone for the warm welcomeSmile Universe Cannon, not sure how much previous material you have come across regarding the Kabbalah, but you might notice that the Tree of Reality put up by NUR, and the one specific to the Fatimiya Sufi Order, has numerous key aspects which differentiate it from the traditional Kabbalstic Tree, perhaps the most obvious of which is the schema of 13 spheres and 36 pathways, as opposed to the traditional 10/11 spheres and 22 pathways found in other versions. Though there are obviously quite a number of reasons behind this, some of the answers might depend on the level of familiarity with certain principles of the diagram itself, which we can help contextualise for those interested.

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Salaams, Intezam is also a haoma drinker and since then everything has become a treasure groove ...(Al-Batin الباطن "the hidden"Pleased ) is close to inexpressable. We are not sufi (we're outside this terminology) but only haoma/sauma drinking qalandari malang (a low(e)ly lumpen person) and we like this haδanaepata/dūraoša much,and we like gaokerena, and we enjoy them (always), and it's difficult to keep a lid on the significance of what has happened, and we we try (hard).


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wow how did you find this very very old topic? I have always loved some of the Sufi stories.

take care
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hurqalya wrote:
which we can help contextualise for those interested.

salam Big grin
i've been studying the kabbalistic tree of life, the buddhist bhumis, and some linear presented (since islamic teachings come in text and not pictures) concepts, and they all match each other in their number and layers (which was very significant in bestowing clear-mind)
i was also wondering how does your representation of the tree fit into the flower of life (which is the full spectrum of creation, rather than what concerns humanity) (eye also speculate many of the "weird" qualities of the entheogenic experience come from these centers/spheres/sephiros)
i also see that the complete flower of life contains 91 centers / circles, which to compare to the 99 beautiful/good names of allah we could match the qualities that have form "like rahim opposed to rahman(which, being potential, is formless)" we can illustrate the 91 qualities that manifest in the world of "forms" as the flower of life
in your diagram , we see some of the beautiful names (like al-hakeem) but also other names that are attributed to the manifestations of allah like "molk" (which could be deciphered as al-maleek, but that wouldn't make logical sense since molk is referring to the matter"
i would like to discuss this with you and am interested, because i've been looking into this for a while now and this is the first time im seeing a legitimate new diagram (from diagram-fetish-mind) Big grin
khoda negah dar !
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