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My wife and I have been together for more than a decade, we've done a lot of everything together in that time. But even now I am still surprised at times.

I've been making harmala heavy changa for quite a while, but my wife takes an SSRI and has not been sharing with me. On my last extraction she asked me if I could make some that she could try too. I was a little apprehensive but what the lady wants she gets, so I made some enhanced leaf blend with the full spectrum acacia goo I had going on and set it to dry and cure. The following weekend she asks if she can try and I tell her that I've had a couple of drinks so I don't want to, but I'll set it up for her and sit her.

The second the kids were in bed she's like... Now! now! Laughing So we go in the room and I get out the bong. It's only then I realise she's never smoked a bong before either. We've done a lot of acid and other things together but neither of us smoke weed beyond a small puff at a party. I give her bong smoking 101, put the soft light on and explain to her how DMT can be scary, not to worry, and everything will be okay. She's like, "just bring it already". I pack her a small cone in the bong and light it for her. She kinda sucks it, but not really hard enough to get the air going through properly. Then she coughs and hands the bong back. Now I'm watching thinking "is it working? maybe my goo was a dud?". I ask her how she is and she says she can see cool patterns like LSD, but not much else. I'm thinking "dammit! My goo must be crap." I grab the bong and pack a big cone and rip it. The next thing I said was "holy fuck!", just before I fell in the hole. I didn't break through but it was full on. All along my wife was talking to me, telling me things, guiding my trip. The goo definitely works, the blend of natural actives makes it long lasting and beautiful.

I'm still in there and she's telling me she wants more, I tell her she'll have to wait, or she can pack her own. She struggled a bit and I came right in time to help her finish packing the cone nicely. 2nd time she definitely hit it better. I was feeling more confident as well, urging her to suck the thing as hard as she could. She got most of the hit and lay back and managed to hold it for a good long time. She coughed a little letting it out but I knew she had enough to really start to see what it's like. She was rolling on the bed saying things like "it's beautiful". "oh wow I love it" and then she starts saying "it's making me horny!". I'm thinking, wow okay, never seen that reaction before but I can dig it. We start making out and then it kinda wears off for her. She tells me she wants another one, but she wants me to have sex with here while she's deep under. So once again, what the lady wants she gets.

I pack a 3rd cone for her and she's ready for it now. All fear and trepidation has gone. She hits it as hard as she can and lays down. There's still some in the cone in the bong so I top it up a bit and hit it myself. Then we start making out. It was truly an incredible experience. It was like we were connected through hyperspace. I've had sex a lot of times on acid, but this just took it to the next level. It was breathtakingly beautiful and all encompassing. My wife was saying that it must be like what it is for the Sense8 people who have sex through their connection. Laughing

Afterwards we were laying there and she said "You bastard I can't believe you've been keeping this secret all this time!", followed by in a much softer tone "Thank you so much for sharing." Love

I talked to her about it afterwards and I'm quite sure she has just got her toes wet in terms of the effect of DMT can do. The rabbit hole goes so much deeper, but it was a great initiation for her. In fact I'm pretty pleased with how it went all round.
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Nice Northerner Love

I've made out, though never had sex on changa or any tryptamine, though I can definitely relate with how intense of a bond it can all become when with the significant other. That's great you were able to introduce her, I can relate very strongly there, my significant other has been doing dmt and the other psychedelics with me as long as we'd been together; no words for how close it's brought us over the years - even despite our breakup and tumultuous ups and downs at points, though in the end - having had all these experiences together led us to pull through things, and I'd say we're closer now than we were previous, especially our first aya vine w/ mhrb admixture' experience, that sealed the deal - as far as how close we've became, sticks with me after all these years.

I'm definitely curious to hear of your guys future endeavors Smile It's awesome to read of couples being able to have these experiences together - without there being any form of weirdness or debate. Invaluable to have someone like that with that sort of connection and understanding, pays dividends in the end. Love

Thanks for sharing
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Northerner wrote:
In fact I'm pretty pleased with how it went all round.

Understatement of the year Laughing
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There's that hole in my life path ready to be filled yet not possible with the recent 'her'.
When I read you guys having that deeper entheogen binding force, I cheer for you Big grin
She does a seldom little micro/mini dose, but that's not the same.

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downwardsfromzero wrote:
Northerner wrote:
In fact I'm pretty pleased with how it went all round.

Understatement of the year Laughing

well.....all we say is that...(in our sannnnnd religion) we have a saying that: when a man had a few drinks (the abominable heathens' alcolol), it was his deveil-self that was pleased. Confused

Sorry about that Stop

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Hi Intezam Very happy

I'm glad that I don't conform to any religion but can take some wisdom that flows from their analogies.

That said...

I do not believe in devils nor devil selves, nor do I believe that by keeping something secret that it can be made excusable. That's a lie purported by the ashamed, those too weak/afraid to accept personal truths in the piercing light of day. Neither would I go about bad mouthing myself as people are judgmental creatures by nature, but you understand my point.

Through truth comes understanding, comes acceptance, comes forgiveness, comes change. Found far more clearly and justly than through obfuscation and temperance.
The nearest we ever come to knowing truth is when we are witness to paradox.
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