The Secret-Alchemist Club Anti-Nausea Shot Options
#1 Posted : 10/30/2017 9:57:04 PM

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The Secret-Alchemist Club Anti-Nausea Shot

2oz Fresh Squeezed Ginger Juice from Juicer
7 Drops Essential Oil of Lemon
3 Drops Essential Oil of Peppermint
3 Drops Essential Oil of Clove
3 Drops Essential Oil of Lavender

1.) Mix it all up and take it as a shot immediately following the consumption of Cactus or Mushrooms.

2.) Juice extra ginger to have some extra ginger shots on hand for later in the experience.

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When taking Cactus or Mushrooms we can often get that unwanted nausea...

So Ginger has 2 main components... 1 of them is not water soluble, so making tea isn't ideal. The best way is to eat it raw or even better, juice it out of a juicer.

Ginger inhibits the 5ht-3 receptors in the gut that cause nausea.

Lemon Oil also inhibits 5ht-3 receptors.

Peppermint and Clove oils numb the stomach + GI tract thus reducing nausea.

Lavender oil is also known to reduce nausea.

I put together what I call "The Secret-Alchemist Club Anti-Nausea Shot"

Enjoy... Love

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This sounds absolutely fantastic!

Going to definately give this a try before basically any psychedelic, I was at a regional burning man once and was giving away ginger and lemon shots to people, especially people who where taking psychedelics, I am very curious to try it with the essential oils!

#3 Posted : 7/7/2018 11:48:01 PM
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Ime so far with Lemon EO (anywhere from 6 to 10 drops or so), it does help with vomiting at least (i use Cannabis for nausea, but Lemon EO i'm sure helps with it as well), but i have to test it out a bit more to know for sure, and at least with Aya/Pharma it seems to alter things a bit last i checked, though not really undesirably just different but interesting, but i've been on a break from things so i look forward to getting back to my experimentation and trying it out some more.

Ginger root, nor tea, nor EO seems to help me with Harmala-related nausea/vomiting and altered things in an undesirable way, so idk about that.

I also tried Peppermint tea, and EO a few times, and i think it may have helped more than the Ginger but because of some of Menthols effects i felt things didn't synergize right, although it could've just been a dosage thing.

I need to test out the Clove bud powder, and EO, though. Haven't tried Lavender yet.
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Awesome tek! Gonna write this one down for future use. Will report back when I get around to trying it.
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I discussed this in the facebook group I'm moderating and a lot of people expressed their concerns regarding the ingestion of essential oils. Some of them think the small quantities mentioned in this recipe would be harmless, but many disagree and think it's a potential hazard to your health.
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#6 Posted : 7/18/2018 7:29:38 PM
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Those people are morons, Nydex, nothing at all wrong with ingesting certain oils that are non-toxic. They do not cause any issue.
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