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When you are so focused on what you're doing, so intensely passionately motivated on what you're doing, you will appear as a complete mess to everyone around you. You are not lost. How can you be? Where is the earth in an infinite space? There is nowhere but where you find yourself here. Your here is the only place you can ever exist in, a place that is just like every other place within this infinite space of the universe.

Those bothered by disorder are themselves mentally and probably physically in disorder. Obsessiveness to keep things arranged only in a certain way represents a calcification of the mind; the mind has become hardened by habits - habits now unconscious because the mind has become so programmed by years and years of repetition.

Order comes and goes, as disorder comes and goes. All this is within a still greater field-continuum of order we may call the Tao. This is why we say it is impossible to make a mistake, even though we also know it is possible to make mistakes. It's just that those mistakes we would call mistakes are simply and neutrally experiences onto which we project meaning. If you think you have made a mistake, you have! However, if you let go immediately of any regret that you might've made a mistake the very moment that emotion arises, then the experience that would have been classified as a mistake is now seen as an infinitely complex situation that is impossible to penetrate with egoic eyes.

There are no mistakes. Only experiences which through our limited perspectives we try to classify according to bad notions of what constitutes proper human behavior. We are as trees and pattern in flowing water. We are as the galaxies spread across fathomless depths of space. There are not any mistakes anywhere, no errors to be found. Only do we find a reality unplumbable and yet familiar as we discover more and more beauty in the sublime order of things. Intelligence is everywhere.

Nothing is gained in this universe. Nor is anything ever truly lost. Every fractal dimension of the universe is cycles embedded within cycles within cycles. Everything is going round and round and round. Thinking like this can really make you dizzy if you can truly go down into that thought. The only way to avoid becoming dizzied by the circularity of being is to move at least as fast as the wheel is turning so as not to trip over yourself constantly your whole life through.

Transcend the wheel of becoming by merging with the wheel of becoming. Then, I am Still. Utterly still. Nowhere to go because everywhere is here. Nowhen else than Now is to be preferred because when is more Now than Now? Time exists if you are tripping over yourself on the wheel. However, merged with the wheel you are beyond time, because you are moving right along with it. How to move along with it? Accept everything that happens to you and what happens through you with total embrace. Then, by virtue of this method, you can go beyond needing to do anything else, because there is nothing you need to "do" to be here Now.

Accepting is like Listening. You don't get to choose what vibrations your ears pick up on in the air. So with acceptance; you don't get to choose which things you accept and which things you deny with your elevated sense of moral superiority. Every single person you've ever met is the Self. Nothing anyone has ever said to you has been worse than the torment self-inflicted by our own thoughts, which are worried thoughts, because they arise out of fear, fear of not becoming someone that in your mind is the penultimate goal of who you want to be. You don't get to choose who you want to be. You are Who you are without any of your added ideas of who you think you should or ought to be.

Seeing truly into your own infinite nature you must give up your ideas of what you will find. All ideas are wrong. Ideas are adumbrations of the transcendental object beyond time. But they are not the Real Thing, as enticing as it is to think they must be.
"What must I do master?"
"You must train yourself, to let go, of everything, you fear, to lose."
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Intrapersonal plane
I Seeming friction and stagnation are experienced by rigidly holding onto minds made up believes and expectations, feeling in the need of control (ego driven - fear based)
II Open up, one enters a state of "Omega", experiencing flow, riding the wave of uncertainty, the perfect line - welcome to the "freefall", now, give up the need of control

Transpersonal plane
III Let go and fully open up to experience life unfolding unlimitedly, now, realizing that there is and was no control ever (oceanic or fearful ego dissolution)
IV Ultimaltely dissolve all idea (of "self and other"Pleased, transcend into oneness, all is

By the power of now, whether the flame of eternity appears soft and gentle or dazzling and straining, full force.

Everything's sooo peyote-ful..
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Beautiful report Anamnesia, thanks for writing this Smile
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do zavtra

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tatt wrote:
Beautiful report Anamnesia, thanks for writing this Smile

Indeed, thank you, my druidic bard-companion!

Everything's sooo peyote-ful..
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A truth to be sure!

Thanks for sharing this! Good way to start my day!

Thumbs up
Your perception is your reality
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I rather root my values in my own hallucinations than in society´s neurotic illusions..

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I like it!
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