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#1 Posted : 11/8/2009 1:59:42 PM
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Hello again my friends! First my question.

How the heck do you smoke dmt crystals? I was thinking about getting something like the following pic. I suppose you melt the DMT through the bottom first, THEN inhale the smoke? As opposed to a traditional waterbong you light while smoking??

My confusion is due to the following review/experience with extracting that I feel would be some good info for some noobies.

First, I tried the lazymans tek about 3 or 4 times. Every single time I use the evap method I get sticky goo. It's a great smoke! Great experience! But up to this point I didn't realize DMT was supposed to be a powder. In fact, I let a good portion of my last batch sit for several months and it turned into a nice size rock that I could chip away at and smoke. Great smoke! Very pleasant trips from this sticky yellow goo.

This time, per your advise, I used Nomans tek and WOW. Night and day difference! I got a nice amount of POWDERED CRYSTALS and true clean WHITE DMT. I don't have a .00 scale, only a gram scale, so I don't know how much I actually got but I'm excited to see how it smokes tonight! So if anyone is debating between the lazymans and nomans tek, I definitely recommend Nomans tek and freeze precipitation vs. evap. You can re-use the naptha too so that's a plus (I pulled about the same amount by re-using the naptha. Plus Nomans tek is MUCH easier and doesn't call for stirring for 20-30 minutes!

Basicallyl I did the following.

200 grams lye in 3 litres of water (1.5 for each gram).
200 grams of SHREDDED bark (shredded works better than powder for some reason).
1 1.5 gallon glass jar from Container Store (with lid).
Shake well until dissolved.
Let sit for a couple of hours

Add 200 ml of naptha (1 ml per gram).
Turn jar on it's side and swirl the contents for about a minute
let sit for an hour or so
repeat through the day

Allow the naptha to seperate
I used a 35cc syringe to pull the naptha layer (from petsmart for feeding puppies). But I can't seem to pull all of the naptha without contaminating the contents. So I'm getting about 3/4th in my collection jars right now. I'm going to order a seperatory funnel though.

freeze over night (in the ICE MAKER)

Next morning... beautiful snow globes.

Drain through a coffee filter into another collection jar. Put naptha back into original jar, swirl around and repeat draining.

Let contents sit on a pirex for an hour or so. And whalla..... beautiful white elf spice!

Now. How do I smoke this powder as I'm use to smoking goo in my bong Very happy

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#2 Posted : 11/9/2009 5:42:26 AM
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Well, since I didn't get any replies I decided to put some shwag in the bowl, about 50 mg on top and more shwag on top and smoke the whole bowl. The trip was... umm... weird. Very weird. I saw all of these little elves that looked like Kazoo from the Flintstones. It was a very weird trip, not spiritual, just weird. I saw shadow people too. But the elves were little fuckers. That's the best way I could describe them. Just running back and forth, working on some kind of machinery. But they looked like physical beings in a dark place rather than beings made of light.

My conclusion is I think I like the yellow goo better. The trip seems to last longer, it's much brighter, much more enlightening and much deeper. This time, with pure white crystals, it was just flat out weird. Maybe it's the mixture of weed.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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