Sickness free Ayahuasca Options
#41 Posted : 8/24/2017 10:32:34 PM
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Well if you extracted from root or leaf, i'd imagine you'd need to convert it back into it's salt form for oral ingestion, i'm sure it'd work though as long as you time the consumption properly when gut MAO-A is inhibited.

As for Moclobemide, i'm surprised more people around here seemingly haven't experimented with Moclobemide, kinda hard to believe tbh. I actually kinda liked Mimosa with Moclobemide, Acacia too, but i do prefer the Harmalas but the Moclobemide experiences are definitely no doubt interesting too. Definitely worth a try imo, though it can be rather intense body sensation wise because the Harmala aspects aren't there and the Harmalas seem to ground the experience in a way but with Moclobemide you feel it's full force. Moclobemide is also cool for seeing what Mimosa or Acacia, or other DMT-containing plants are like on their own, because they're not altered by the Harmalas.

And yes, DMT with Moclobemide is purge-free, so if you give it a chance, let us know how it goes for you.

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