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#1 Posted : 4/16/2017 11:32:13 AM

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Hello fellow travelers,

I want to report back from the amazing journey I had yesterday.

Dosage was ~73mg freebase DMT + 250mg Harmala isolate mixed in a single glass of OJ. Mixing and drinking it together like this just works best for me.

I took it in the morning, had a really nice, relaxing walk in nature beforehand. After all preparation was done, finally drank the medicine around 10.15am.

I had very little resistance doing this, almost none of the usual pre-flight anxiety. Ready to die?

Did not eat any food 16hrs prior to this, ate about an apple 10min after drinking the OJ. In terms of my energy levels this was terrible (the 6km walking before did not help) and I would notice it later on. Though, seems like long fasting before does make it hit faster and harder for me.
Retreated to my couch and covered myself under 3 blankets. Burned some Opopanax + Frankin resin before using charcoal, which resulted in more stink from the charcoal than resin smell unfortunately. Think I’m gonna try Pan+Stove next time.

Can’t remember how long it took exactly, but within about 20min it came on fast.
This trip has been a fundamental shift from all the previous, there was almost no sense of ever having to/wanting to purge.
Started a new job. This environment, the people there, are so awesome and loving – just being there really cracked my heart open.
In pretty much all of my previous trips I was so afraid of fully opening up. This time I was not afraid of the hyperspace beings anymore. Embraced them, smiled at/with them. Sometimes I was a bit shy, but they were really nice about it and backed off a bit. This seems to directly correlate to the lessening of my social anxiety and the improvement of my social skills ; the realization and upholding of personal boundaries. I felt respected, loved and cared for by the hyperspace folks Smile

At one point there was kind of an excitement, everyone in hyperspace cheering:
Do you want to go to deeper? Are you ready to go deeper?
I had some hesitation but wanted to go deeper. It almost happened, but then I opened my eyes and was kicked back a bit into this reality. Starting to resist a bit. It didn’t overwhelm me, but I noticed how extremely exhausted I was physically. My body had almost no energy anymore – really need to get my calorie intake right. I was thinking, darn, what to do!?
Then something wonderful happened. While resisting a bit, I realized that resistance is not (ever) the answer. It’s a bit hard to describe this, but what I did was not resisting it, but kind of communicating to The Mother that I would really like to learn more, but much rather another time when I have more energy. Then, all the pressure immediately dissipated. I said thank you and goodbye to the hyperspace folks and felt loved and cared for. This was just amazing. I could chill and focus inwards on the stuff that is currently happening in my life, the Harmalas/DMT still active and helping me with that, hyperspace being tuned out.
I knew I could always tune it back in if I wanted to, but my body was so exhausted that I chose not to. Sure was tempted a few times.

73mg DMT is a strong dose for me, and while I was in hyperspace land it was intense. This is amazing – really feel like I made friends with DMT that day.


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You did make friends . awesome on making contact.

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I enjoyed reading that! Great trip report! Good to make friends!
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